In the poem "The Road Not Taken," did the poet select the correct path?

  • Yes the poet did.

    Yes because if everyone followed in someone else's footsteps, our world would never evolve and grow. We would be stuck in the same place forever. If we take an unused path, we can evolve and discover new things. This is why I believe that the poet took the right path.

  • Yes the poet chosen correct path

    The poet chosen that path by his own wish, he is not forced by others. He chosen that path because he thought that every one goes on the same path only few not traveled through the other path, hope so that path is dangerous or very difficult . So they chosen easiest path , but poet wants to do beyond themselves and he chosen other path.

  • No the Poet didn't

    If you go down the path that has already been cleared you can go further then you would having to clear a new path. You can go where someone else has already gone and then go further and better their ideas. Not everyone should start something totally brand new there needs to be people make others' ideas better.

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