In the social eye, do you think that the news should share where Miley Cyrus is living?

  • No, the news should not share where Miley Cyrus is living.

    In my mind, everyone deserves privacy, and that includes celebrities. People might want to know where she lives, whether to send her fan mail, hate mail, or to stalk her. That doesn't mean they should. There are lots of things people want, but a lot of them, they don't receive. Miley Cyrus has screwed up, but that doesn't mean the news should give out her address.

  • She Came In Like a Wrecking Ball

    Miley Cyrus put herself in the public eye. She relishes in the attention that she gets and she does some pretty outlandish things in order to get that attention. For that reason, if the media wants to publish personal details about her, they have every right to. It's what she signed up for when she became a public figure.

  • No, the news should not share where Miley Cyrus is living.

    Miley Cyrus' living arrangements are none of the public's business. If she wants to live with her boyfriend, on her mother's couch, or under a bridge- it only concerns her and those closest to her. Beyond that, sharing Miley Cyrus' address is an irresponsible safety concern, and the news should not to perpetuating that.

  • Give people Privacy

    Being a celebrity has its pitfalls. Even a sneeze makes news and is debated upon. These days with so many social media platforms , it has even become easier to share such petty news about anyone , leave alone celebrities. But sadly these acts leave celebrities with no privacy of their own. News agencies should understand what news is relevant to public and what is not and should think twice about printing any petty news about these celebrities. I mean after all, they are also human and deserve some privacy of their own. What people want to know through the medium of news is things which effect them or are of local, national or global importance. They want to know what government is doing and what its not doing. They want to know what are the global issues affecting people. They want to know the social causes and such stuff and not what a celebrity is wearing or sleeping with.

  • No, we already put way too much attention on frivalous things such as this.

    The news and entertainment industry puts way too much attention into personal agendas of stars and such, while completely averting the public gaze on the life threatening issues; if it isnt happening on our front doorstep Americans tend to completely ignore huge problems in the world and in turn allow the government to just turn a blind eye to the real issues.

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