In the U.S.A., are freedom of speech on the televison and the right to vote real?

  • Yes they are.

    The 9th amendment says that just because a right isn't mentioned specifically in the constitution, that doesn't mean that the people don't have that right. Freedom of speech should apply to TV because rights are rights, no matter what form they're used in. That also applies to the 2nd amendment.

  • No, not exactly.

    There's freedom of speech and freedom to vote in the law. But if information is controlled by a small number of mega-corporations, is there really freedom of the press and freedom of speech? I think the internet helps somewhat to democratize information. As to voting, it's quite clear that 2 very similar parties in the US control the political process. There are some issues where they appear to disagree, and they have to, in order to appeal to different constituencies. But is there much of a actual difference when a Republican or a Democrat are in power? No one with a significant anti-establishment platform has a real chance in the US.

  • Ron Paul never was given a real chance by the media, possibly leading to his loss.

    Just look up on youtube some facts about ron paul's 2012 campaign, and you'll see that whether or not people agreed with him, nobody in the media acknowledged him except to insult him with hoaxes. And just look at the voting results for him, it's like they never made it in.

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