In the USA, should their be a punishment (like a heavy tax) for having more than two kids?

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  • Outside of unfortunate octomom

    Yes, taxing for the birth of an additional child would be beneficial to reduce of the population and augment the current famine of mandatory items that are significantly scarce. Without century's of Brady Bunch sized family's scavenging the Earth we'll cease the current insufficient amount of supply's required for survival.

  • Overpopulation is the biggest problem in the world.

    You can trace a bunch of things like poverty, world hunger, the economy and global warming all back to one source: There are too many people in the world. Having a family pay a tax like $20000 for a third child and doubling for each one after that would make a good dent in the growing population without killing anyone.

  • Or maybe reward people who have 2 or less children?

    This could work, but maybe we would have a more positive outcome if we gave tax incentives or other rewards to people who choose to have 2 or less kids. All I know is that someday in the not too distant future we are going to be forced to implement actions such as these.

  • The US doesn't need such a matter

    The US is currently the only country in the world that is at replacement level. That means that families are having 2.5 children on average. The .5 accounts for early deaths. The 2 means that the parents are being replaced. Population growth is not a huge problem in the US. Yes, the population continues to rise, but because of immigration. A tax on having more than two children is unnecessary and oppressive. If anything, we should worry about a shrinking workforce should we dip below replacement level as is predicted. Countries like Japan and many European nations are dealing with this right now. The old outnumber the young. The US is in a good position to maintain the workforce needed to have a healthy economy but not grow completely out of control. Countries like Nigeria, with explosive population growth, would be more in need of such a tax.

  • Be a responsible parent

    Be responsible! If you can't support more than 2 kids, than do not have 3 or more! If my wife and I want more than 2 kids, we will do what is needed to have the financial stability to support them. If you can not work hard and achieve what is necessary to support children, then DO NOT HAVE THEM! It is not our government's responsibility, it's OUR responsibility!

  • This is Oppressive and Unnecessary

    A law regulating population growth is simply bad law. A law is bad when it contradicts a law's purpose in society which is to create order and to regulate society for the greater good and happiness of its people. This must also be under the concept of rule of law (rather than "rule of man") which has is fairly applied and enforced by a just government. When a law fails at this it is bad law. I believe a law as specified in this opinion question would be bad because it would fail to uphold the rights of individuals to have children and grow a family as they deem fit. It should not be the government's responsibility, or even within their power, to regulate how family's should be developed. Additionally, a society should never be brought to a point where they should ever feel they have to develop a law like this anyway.

    A society's top priority should be providing resources to its people to become more successful and live as comfortably. If a society has to implement laws to regulate population due to lack of resources then they have failed as a society in my eyes. Resource acquisition should be a basic fundamental in a society and should never become an issue if they have appropriate leadership. If they fail at this basic requirement then they should acquire different leadership in their government that may be able to mend the issue. Therefore, I believe a law like this should be unnecessary and should never come to that.

  • Overpopulation is NOT a problem in the US, Underpopulation soon will be

    Many countries have reached demographic transition. That means their population rate is going down. Our will get there soon and then people will worry about an aging population and not having enough of a tax base to take care of the elderly. So taxing people more for having more than two kids doesn't make sense.

  • This is seriously stupid

    There is plenty of space and food in the world for everyone to have what they NEED. The sad truth is that people don't want to give away things that they don't absolutely need. We have all of our wants and then blame that we can't afford more of our wants due to others having too many kids by our standards, not theirs. We have become a community and a country of consuming and mooching. I say that if you can make sure that the children have what they NEED then have as many kids as you want. I personally only want two, but my opinion shouldn't hinder anyone else from having more.

  • There already is punishment

    The US offers parents extremely high child care costs and no guaranteed paid leave. We are absurdly unsupportive of ... Well, everyone. Except the super rich. They get whatever they want from the US government. So - there is tax enough. I do think Americans need to be more aware of their impact on the planet, in oh so many ways. Maybe you don't need an SUV? Maybe you can walk occasionally? Maybe you shouldn't throw out so much uneaten food? And yes, maybe two kids are enough. It's part of a much bigger problem and making things worse in a country that is already the worst in the developed world in terms of supporting families - not a good idea.

  • The Population Bomb Has Been Proven False

    Modern populations have natural reduced their family sizes. Take one generation back in Mormon Utah where large family's had been the norm. Then compare it to Utah today, and you'll see many Mormon family down to more reasonable sizes. It's to the point were the LDS church is in a bit of a panic because their young men and women are waiting till their 30's to marry and have small families. Populations do not grow exponentially forever, and then crash like the propaganda suggests.

  • This isn't the only way to reduce population size

    If it were based on income level, ranging from $10 to $100, it could possibly be acceptable. That would generate some money for the government... But when we say a *heavy* tax, that implies people won't be able to afford more children. Despite this, some people who can't afford more children will still have more them and generate debt. This isn't fair the children, to the parents, or to the economy.

    What about making adoptions more affordable? They can run into thousands of dollars. That's a huge deterrent to people. Give people more incentives to have fewer children. We might have to get creative about incentives, but there are more than likely good alternatives to punishing people for having children.

  • People don't need to.

    This is crazy. You cannot stop to perfectly good people from reproducing. This will only decrease the population and drive us towards extinction, because we don't want to pay those kinds of taxes. You know who this will hit the hardest. The poor! America was founded on freedom and this is just simply oppression.

  • Heck to the no!

    I'm surprised at this kind of question!
    America is FOUNDED on FREEDOM! Parents are taxed way too much as it is! We should BY NO MEANS EVER consider "punishing" people by them CHOOSING to have more than 2 kids. My mother is currently pregnant with her 5th child. I don't think so. :P

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