In the wake of all the attacks on police, do you think there is an uprising against the police force?

  • Uprising Against Police Visible in July

    July 2016 has seen a significant increase in violence against law enforcement officers. From staged calls leading to shootings, to sniper shooting at a peaceful protest the visible increase and degree of violence continues to be fanned by July heat and the Black Lives Matter propaganda machine. Social media spreads the anger painting targets on those not directly involved in the original disputes and confrontations.

  • Black lives matter

    Yes an uprising against the police has started. Reasons are many; national media putting police work in spotlight, increasing non-trust against the authorities and so on. The greatest reason, however, has no doubt been the "Black lives matter" -movement. It has unified people, served as a soundhorn and even taken violent forms lately.

  • Yes, Uprising Against the Police

    I wholeheartedly disagree with the current wave of uprisings against the police. It seems as if people are against the police lately and forgetting all the good they do. Sure, people do not like to get into trouble, but I tell those people: Follow the Rules. Currently, it does people do seem to be blaming the police for everything wrong instead of taking a look at their own actions.

  • Yes, there is an uprising against the police force.

    There seems to be an increase in attacks on police officers; maybe even an uprising against them. This may be due to some of the violent rhetoric coming from the Black Lives Matter protesters. Some protesters are using threatening language toward police officers, which may be provoking violent attacks against law enforcement. Also, the national media has put the spotlight on alleged police brutality in recent years.

  • Yes, there is an uprising

    A lot of people are scared and angry. It seems like people are taking sides- either with the police or against them- rather than taking an honest and critical view of the situation. There are bad cops out there, just like there are bad people, but violent retaliation is not the answer. Unfortunately that's the route many citizens are taking.

  • Just more nobodies.

    Has there been more than one attack on police? Yes. Will there be more? Probably. Thing is, this does not make it an uprising. An uprising is when a group puts forth usually violent effort to defy authority. Sure, this is violence against people of some authority but to the best of my knowledge, they are not connected to each other. They were not a unified group.
    Not sure when it started but it may have begun back in March when a suspect shot at and wounded three officers in Chicago or when the officers where killed in Dallas. Tho they may have been inspired by controversy about police suspected of killing black people, I think the main reason for this recent trend of people shooting at police is because the shooter is just a nobody who wants his 15 min.
    It wasn't that long ago that we started seeing an gradual increase in school shootings. One kid gets his name in the paper across the country and this inspires other kids to copy it so they can turn their looser life into a name heard around the country.
    If you ask me, the police and especially the media are making it worse by giving the lowlifes who do these things a name. Maybe if they just called them some derogatory name that fits, like "some moron" or "a fool" instead of their real names, the next piece of trash will not think that it is their easy option to being famous. Seeing that it's doubtful that someone will want to go down in history as "some dope", they would be less likely to repeat the actions of prior pieces of human waste.
    The reason why I think this will continue is because the media keeps giving out their names. Personally, I don't care who the dork is and even I cared in the least, I would gladly go without knowing if it causes an end to these dirt bags.

  • A hand full of attacks doesn't constitute an uprising,

    Two people attack random policemen doesn't make an uprising. In the grand scheme of things these were small attacks that weren't carried our against an kind of strategically valuable target. Its a nasty situation and I people would stop using violence to solve these kinds of issues but a few gun men doesn't make a revolution.

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Dilara says2016-07-18T19:21:16.227
I wouldn't say uprising. Its a war.