In the zombie apocalypse, would an oil tanker be the best place to be to survive?

Asked by: Nosdoh
  • Food water security

    Food is easy to grow .Water purifier is common.My only concern would be security concerning other people wanting to have what the group in the oil tanker has .I would also assume that the ship would be anchored otherwise you need staff to run this beast.At the end of the day its good for the first years,but on long term (after maybe 5-8 years)the ship will start to demand for repairs as we know sea is not friendly

  • There is also oil rigs

    Although freight train is another idea because it can go cross country and drive through zombies like a knife through butter. So yeah tanker or train with car on flat cart do you think this is a good idea please tell me would like to know your opinions thank you

  • A sustainable floating security base.

    It is an isolated but secure area. Zombies do not walk on water! If someone becomes infected for some reason (less likely if no one is infected to start with), they would get dealt with and tossed overboard. Food? If the tanker has a large open area, you can grow your own food, no problem. If there is the idea to planning ahead, large amounts of soil could be brought in and raised beds could be filled. Bring in a few chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat;rabbits quickly reproduce. The only question I have is the water situation, is there a filtration system to make ocean water drinkable? If so you're set. To refuel, not sure how much you would use if you just didn't go anywhere. A mile out on sea? Visible land in view for monitoring with binoculars. Small boat to make runs on mainland as needed.

  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival 101

    My reason for saying yes is because, you out in the ocean right? you can fish for your food. The oil tanker has a water purifier so you can drink water from the ocean. You are able to fish for your food and if you want to come back to land you can just pour oil on the zombies and set them on fire.

  • No food to eat

    This topic is stupid, but anyways, where would you get food? Where would you get supplies? I suppose you could smuggle stuff onto the ship but "zombies" could easily climb onto the ship. I guess you could also fish for seafood, but that is not going to last you long.

  • There's No Food!

    During a zombie apocalypse an oil tanker would be a zombie free area but you would have to go back to the shore to get any food. if you don't then you would most likely run out of food. although you could manage to grow food on the oil tankerA

  • Surviving on land is easier.

    If I had to survive anywhere, I would choose somewhere on land since it is easier to find supplies, and easier to find fuel for cars in small amounts than it is to find fuel for an oil tanker at sea in the amounts it would take to run it, and then you could get lost at sea, or drift aimlessly and die at sea. Besides that, if somebody on board is infected and they don't tell anyone. Then everyone on board is at risk, and then it will spread, and then it will be a giant floating coffin for whoever is on board who isn't infected.

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