In this day and age, is it possible for anything sent electronically to be "private"?

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  • Nope, I don't think so

    I think all of it is pretty much saved or monitored by someone these days. There really is no such thing as electronic privacy. It can all pretty much be hacked too. Anything saved in the cloud, in a encrypted data base, anywhere in anything that can be accessed online should be considered a possible unprivate thing.

  • Don't Plan On It

    The internet and its network system operate like a machine that keeps track of history. Once you enter an event, it can never be deleted. It is far better to look at the internet in this way. No, I do not believe anything on the internet or an electronic device for that matter is purely private.

  • No, it is not possible to ensure that electronic transmissions remain private.

    As anyone living in the industrialized world knows, transactions and communications of all stripe have now been digitized. The vast majority of users of these technologies have little technical understanding of how they work. Those who do understand them, however, realize that cracking the security precautions of digital communications is often shockingly easy. Indeed, most digital transmission systems ultimately will have some point of weakness that a hacker can exploit in order to access its content.

  • Electronic Privacy Does Not Exist

    While it would be ideal to have privacy in the electronic world, that is no longer the case. Various government agencies as well as private individuals threaten our electronic privacy. From our emails to our credit card and banking information, nothing is a secret. It is in a person's best interest to realize there is no such thing as electronic privacy and act accordingly.

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