In today's climate of political correctness, would Bill Hicks still be a popular comedian?

  • Yes, Bill Hicks would still be a popular comedian today.

    Despite the current climate of political correctness, Bill Hicks would still be a popular comedian were he alive today. The recent popularity of Donald Trump shows that a lack of political correctness - to the point of being offensive, some would say - still resonates with the American people. Hicks's comedy often dealt with rabid consumerism, drug use, and global warfare. These issues are still on American citizens' minds today, with extreme viewpoints from both sides of the political spectrum. So, Bill Hicks would be both popular and newsworthy if he was still alive.

  • Comedians are generally given a wide berth

    Most "good" or "sensitive" comedians follow a certain code and maintain a certain pattern to their comedy. Bill Hicks was consistent with his material, and although controversial, he may have gotten some flack but wouldn't die out from the comedic circles. Usually comedians get in trouble when they go out of those comfort zones in which they are accustomed and their comedic choices aren't consistent with their material and appear to be insensitive.

  • Bill Hicks would still be popular.

    Bill Hicks would still be popular in today's climate of political correctness because people still want entertainment outlets that cater to uncensored or "sharp" commentary. Overall, in such a climate, these types of comedians thrive even more, because their commentary is seen as "edgier" and thus advertises itself more loudly.

  • Room at the "In"

    Political and social incorrectness will always make people laugh, except for the uptight PCs. Bill Hicks would fit "in" with other comedians who laugh in the face of opposition and scoff at the cries for correctness. He would have plenty of fodder for his form of humor, as well, because we live in a society that's racing backwards at a dizzying pace.

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