• Love life mwue

    Social media is needed to have a life unlike you right now reading this go get a life. Love yu darl bye! Also, You don't have a life bc you are reading this on a debating website. Go out and make friends. Watch some shane dowson and emma and the donlen twins and relationship goals so you can live up to them and maybe be in a couple one day. Lol xo

  • Actually, it depends upon the person how they are using it...

    It helps you in many ways.. Gives you ideas, you can communicate with the people where ever part of the world you are in, helps you to share information, etc.. You can even gather information on your school projects, or ppt's.. But, I think we should have a limited time to it.. Not that you are just on internet as also it can harm your eyes...!

  • Social media is useful

    It gives an opportunity to make friends,to exchange ideas and to know about news of the world. It also gives opportunities for children to learn and gather information for their school projects and etc. the children can be creative because they get the opportunity to appreciate others ideas.They can also share the lonely moments, happy and sad moments with others too. So to my view social media is more advantageble

  • Social media is useful, but not necessary.

    It depends on what you mean by today's day and age. In places such as North America, where I live, Europe, Australia, South America, and other parts of the world, social media is widely used. People use it for communication and to get their opinions across, to raise awareness for different problems or organizations. It is a part of a majority of people's lives, and if you aren't on it, it can actually limit the ability of which you make friends. Parts of social media are used frequently in discussions with others and to not know about any of this information would be damaging to your conversational skills.
    However, is social media a necessity? No. A necessity is something you cannot live without, something indispensable. Things like food, shelter, water, are things we could not live without. Although social media is a valuable asset and it can greatly benefit you, you would not perish, at least not literally, without it.
    Social media can also be a downside in our culture, because it makes it much easier to say and do things without being held accountable. People are able to get off with hurtful comments, bullying, rudeness, and lying on social media, and makes it far easier to manipulate and take advantage of people. However, all of that does not make it a bad thing. It is just a platform with which we have to be careful using, and limit the extent to which we let it immerse us.
    In conclusion, social media can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing. Regardless, it is not a necessity to human life, and we will continue living even if we are without it.

  • The next step was inevitable and necessary:

    Once upon a time humans had men who shouted at the top of their lungs to explore important decrees. After the invention of papyrus (and further, paper) we had a few fliers for those who missed the town crier granting some reprieve for them. After the invention of the press we had books which granted educations to many people as they were no longer precious hand written tomes of knowledge in the most painstaking sense. After the population became educated we had the typewriter and other mechanical offerings which further increased productivity, we had machinery that churned paper, and we were brought to a modernized state of papercraft and printcraft. Now we press further with those educated people into the digital and nothing has changed.

    From word of mouth to the flier to the magazine/impression to the social website the path has been the same and the goal the same still. It is a requirement. It was an eventuality.

  • Social media is for time wasters

    Don't you realize, they want to condition your brain in believing that social media is everything and is in-disposable. Indeed it is everything for the insatiable Mr Z. My sympathies to all those 29% who voted yes. They are limiting their life to the boundaries of their screen. Be real and get some life.

  • Why would it be

    I don't have any form of the usual social media i.e. Twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. I'm happy with my life without it. People don't need to know about everything in my life at every second. Social media is not a necessity. You don't need it to survive, it's basically just a luxury.

  • It's not actually needed.

    You don't need social media in your life. But, if you want younger people to know what's going on in the world than you would probably use it since less young people watch the news nowadays. Let's say you wanted thousands of teenagers to know about a current event, social media is what you would use.

  • Trust me it is not important

    Social media is not important for us but it is entertainment. Imagine how did our grandparents live,although they didn't have a single thing of what we have and they became majors in our community...Once in my summer I did something wrong so mom prevented me of using my IPOD and Laptop for a whole day!!Firstly I was so sad about this because I used to sit on my ipod for the whole day and then i thanked god because this happened i figured out that it is not a necessity.If you shared or posted what will this change anyone's life.We know sharing is caring but it's caring when you share with your relatives and friends.If you want to acquire any knowledge just head to the local library there are so many merits for going there such as;no eyesight problems,exercise by going to the library on foot.When teens are spending times on screens they are losing the time they sould do discoveries and great inventions.
    To sum up,social media is not a necessity because you can't live without a necessity but you can live without SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!

  • People do not need social media

    Although it may seem like it ,social media is not a necessity. We as humans have simply got so used to its presence through involvement and exposure that it is accepted as one. Yes social media grants you the ability to connect with people and gives you a place to platform yourself in the form you choose but all that is not needed. For many social media has become a way to fill a void of loneliness and the only way communication is really made with "friends". Furthermore, social media does play a vital role in social, political, psychological, and even spiritual understanding. But that is simply because we have let it. There are many other substitutes that could be used to be up to date with many things other than your Facebook news feed, or instagram explore page. We do not NEED social media, we want it. In fact we have made it such a primary part in our lives than many of us cannot fathom a day without their social media accounts. It does make connecting, sharing, and understanding easy to the point where we think we need it, but the truth of the matter is we actually do not. Social media is unnecessary, even in this day, age, and living.

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