In today's society, should people have the right to bear arms to protect themselves and their property?

  • More people are killed with knives than guns. True fact. Look it up

    Think about it. If we put restrictions on guns it won't be that easy for vulnerable people to get guns to protect themselves. Anyways, people who committed crimes with guns probably stole them ot got them from the black market. Plus knives are very accessible- you could even carve something to be like a knife. No one has put any restrictions on them. But nooooooo guns are scary. Guns kill people. Well so do knives!

  • Yes they very well should have this right still.

    Today's society is not going to be accredited special treatment in regards to our second amendment rights. Americans can and will always have the right to bear arms in the instance they need to protect their persons and property. Why would this right be repealed? This, among other rights, is a right that should never be taken from the citizens.

  • Yes people should be able to bear arms

    Yes, I think that it is vitally important that in today's society that people have the right to bear arms. It is protected under the constitution, and bearing arms is allowed for protection purposes. I think that people never know what to expect nowadays, and it is always important to keep yourself protected.

  • They should very well have the right to bear arms

    The right to bear arms is an important stance to stand with. It helps you protect you and the lives of others. The murdering percent rate has gone up since the gun restrictions have came out. I also shows that the people with guns are less likely to get harmed or attacked by attackers. Attackers will most likely steal the guns from gun shops so having the gun restriction will leave American citizens vulnerable.

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