In today's society, what's the median of success: money (yes) or moral values (no)?

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  • Most emphasis for money

    Money is everthing to get peace in the world, To live a happy and satisfied life. For ex:bill gates ; he is a member of many peace keeping ingos and living a happy life. For me also:I m using this iphone for sharing u guys this info only due to money not character. So money is the only thing that we especially need to do anything good in our life.

  • Money is power, power is success.

    Today having success is having money because our success depends on the ways we choose to achieve having values may be necessary but having money provides you the opportunity to be ahead of others today the world is selfish, person with values may survive but cant lead a successful life.

  • Money is hella important

    Money buys happiness. My whole life I've had a wonderful family that supports me, some level of intelligence, talent, but you know what i haven't had? Money. In the society that we live in today that's heavily oriented by wealth, having someone, would have saved me so much stress, and unnecessary hard work. I'm not saying its everything, but for those who don't have it, and I mean poor....It could mean the world.

  • Money is important

    We all need money to live without money we cant because if we have money we can survive and we can help others and buy what ever we need for me i do think that the art of success is in money but not morality if you have happiness but not money tell me would you be able to live without food and water you will be able to live with your happiness but just for a few days and then you are dead with money you can survive and i am absolutely sure that who ever has money will be happy because at that moment you will be able to do everything with it. Being married, buying food supplies, school supplies, and whatever you think that you are in need for it

  • Money helps us to live

    We need money to buy things, food with money, house with money and clothes with money. Company needs money to create new projects and farmer need money to buy crops , water and ground. Even international schools and academies needs money. Play with friends need money too. Like to eat snacks, or going to amuseument park

  • Yes money is important

    Everything in modern society is based on money. As the saying goes, money makes the world go around.
    Parents object to their daughters' marriages unless their future sons-in-laws have jobs with good prospects.
    Many young people marry for money rather than love. Security is more important than happiness.
    Some people in Shanghai would even trade their self-esteem for money.
    Materialism influences education, too. Students acquire knowledge not for its own sake, but for a bigger wage.
    Students choose business courses rather than liberal arts for the sake of earning big money in the future.
    Very few people want to be teachers because teaching is not a lucrative profession.
    More emphasis is put on material life than on spiritual life in modern society.
    People do anything in their power to earn money to buy their houses, furniture, cars, etc.
    People are trained to be acquisitive from an early age and are not considered successful unless they make good money.
    People spend most of their lives struggling frantically to keep up with their neighbors.
    Wealthy nations can succeed by offering their poorer talented neighbors bigger salaries.
    Financial rewards for pop stars make many people envy them.
    A desire to earn more money is nothing to be ashamed of.
    Deng Xiao-ping said, "To get rich is glorious."
    Being poor is not very much fun.
    Being rich allows you to do what you want.
    If you are rich, many people want you for a friend.
    It is easier to marry well if you are wealthy.
    Being wealthy allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.
    The man who has the money makes the rules.

  • Success is valued in terms of money

    In our society today, mainstream media have successfully convinced many of us into accepting a false and morally meaningless definition of success. People want us to believe that receiving an enormous paycheck, living in a luxurious house, and owning all of the latest equipment is the key to happiness and success. In real life, we all know there comes a lot more to being a truly successful individual. True success necessitates esteem, gratitude, honesty, patience, and persistence. All of these necessities to become successful are not traits we are born with, but things we strive to attain while becoming the best that we can be. Marketers want us to believe that living a pricey, well-appointed life, involving nothing but the quest for money will bring us success, fame and happiness.Today having huge amount of assets make people believe that a person is very successful.But my friends if a person has huge amount of assets inherited from their ancestors,then also people will think that he/she is successful but, it's not true.This false interception has grew to an extent now-a-days.

  • Money is all

    Morals is for the people with enough money to pay for the simple necessities in life. A person suffering from poverty does not have the time to think whether something is right or wrong, they just want to be able to pay for the bare minimum they need to survive. On the contrary rich people have all the time in the world to think about morals and simple ethics. In the Picture of Dorian Gray, Lord Henry seemed a strange character because he was so immoral in every way unlike every other rich man/woman. Lord Henry's whole life ,however, is run by morals. Morals are anything you make it. If you believe getting high and sleeping with the guy you met last night in the bar is moral, it is. Morality is a lesson, one concerning what is right or prudent and can be derived from a story, a piece of info, or an experience. Morals vary between people. Therefore, the value of morals decreases against the value of money. And i conclude, based on inductive reasoning, that money is truly more important than morals.

  • Yes, money means power.

    Yes, in today's society, the median of success is money, because a person who has money can buy success. A person with money can send their child to the best schools. They can use their money to influence politicians. They can buy social standing. A moral person, on their own, will not be popular.

  • Money explains values

    Today having success is having money because our success depends on the ways we choose to achieve having values may be necessary but having money provides you the opportunity to be ahead of others today the world is selfish, person with values may survive but cant lead a successful life.

  • I dont think so

    Because money is nothing for me, yeah we need it and now i need it more than other man, but i am will think its not important. Money like a hand dirty, when you wash your hands. Its gone. The seciety no need money but moral. Moral valume is what i accepted.

  • Morals and Values

    Morals and values are the foundation to any rewarding relationship in life. Money can buy you friends but not anyone of value that is genuinely interested for the person you are. People that have Morals and values are use logic and reasoning in order to make the best decision based on history and science. Determining right and wrong and choosing to do the right thing is key to becoming a better person and having a fulfilling life.

    A business can give you profit, but morals and values attract people in your life that give you genuine love. This is something we earn by being moral human beings.

    There is a low percentage of people that have riches and morals, aim to be that individual. If you are a moral individual you have the ability to attract a successful hardworking wealthy genuine people in your life and learn from them. People of value are rare. Keep doing your best and success, joy and most important love will follow.

  • Both are important, money and moral values.

    Money gives you the ability to buy food and physical objects, but for example, can you buy happiness? In my opinion no. And in my opinion if you are not happy, and do not enjoy life, do you really want to live?
    Whereas, moral values makes you enjoy life, and then you have a reason to live.
    This is the place where money becomes important, at first enjoy life, taste the value of true happiness, and then ,with money, try to live healthy, and help other people, which may have problems to survive because of being poor

  • I dont think so

    As we move further into a 21st century economy and the world produces amazing technologies, the opportunities for injustice rise. We’re forced to do everything quicker, cheaper, more efficient, and while the product may be great, the human cost is tremendous.

    Since Apple, Inc has grown to be one of the most profitable companies in the world, and, given the release of the new iPad; let’s take Foxconn, for example. Foxconn, a Taiwanese company that produces components for Apple products, is notable for the harsh working conditions at its China facilities, and recently, it has been reported that Foxconn forces employees to sign a pledge promising that they won’t commit suicide. A worker at and Apple-supplier in China recently said, “we’re humans, not machines”.

    While the company has denied any wrong doing, muckracking journalism has found this not to be the case. Employees work excessive overtime, in some cases seven days a week, and live in crowded dorms. Some say they stand so long that their legs swell until they can hardly walk or they die. Under-age workers have helped build Apple’s products, and the company’s suppliers have improperly disposed of hazardous waste and falsified records, according to company reports and advocacy groups that, within China, are often considered reliable, independent monitors. Despite these injustices and blatant disregard for human rights, Foxconn makes billions of dollars every year. Recently Foxconn has pledged to reduced hours and increase pay.

  • What is money

    If morals had the same value of money I am sure everyone's opinion would change. Time is money, but if you go broke then time is all you have(J.Cole) The idea of money is important only because society has given the illusion you need it in order to have what society dictates as being the idea of success. Was Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, or even Nelson Mandela successful? They certainly were not known for having tons of money. Today's society if you do not know the correct people or have the correct morals you will not be allowed to make the money everyone is saying makes you successful. So is it really the money or the morals that got you the money in the first place?

  • Still money is important

    I strongly disagree with your stand. You mentioned that money are equal to dirts on hand. You should consider something, that you wash your hand each time after you finish eating. Therefore, it doesn't mean that you don't need food after that. Don't you think so? So, money is something that has no substitute.!

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