In today's world is it realistic to consider Christianity as the truth?

  • God IS God

    That a person claims Christianity no more makes them a Christian than putting a pink Bow on a pig makes it a poodle. But yes, Christ IS the ONLY TRUTH! Hell is FILLED with people who would MOST DEFINITELY AGREE! The question is are you going to be one of those who agrees in Heaven? Or one of those who Agrees from Hell. Think about it?

  • Because it is the truth.

    What is truth never changes. Christianity was the truth 2014 years ago, and it is the truth today. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father but by Me." That was the truth at the time, and it is the truth today. God's word is truth.

  • In today's world it is realistic to consider Christianity as the truth.

    In today's world it is realistic to consider Christianity as the truth. However, I do not think it should be forced on everyone. Religion should be a personal choice and freedom of the individual and no one else should be able to influence that decision. Christianity is the worlds largest religion and has made huge strides in the world. The fact that it can be considered the truth is a personal decision.

  • Yes, but not in a literal sense.

    Any religion can be seen as the truth if it is understood to be a symbolic truth and not a literal truth. We are evolving as a culture and the myths of the Christian church can be as helpful as any other religious body in helping us to make sense of a world that seems impersonal.

  • Yes, it is realistic to consider Christianity as the truth.

    Calling a religion like Christianity absolute truth is going to be a hard thing for many people to do. However, there are also many people that do still believe Christianity as the truth. We cannot simply classify the religion as truth together, as there are many other religions in the world that share truth too.

  • Was it ever realistic?

    The idea of taking any faith based position based off of the writings of primitive culture with little understanding of how the universe in general is kind of silly.

    I get that people believe in it, sure, but truth is another matter. I personally don't believe in any higher power. There is no proving, in the context of christianity or any other faith really, that a higher power exists. The forms, the emphasis on faith make it an impossibility by definition.

    So no. Why would someone consider it realistic to consider it the actual truth, when the religion itself is predicated on people believing it on faith, on a lack of evidence. Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe, right?

  • This is not a "truth".

    Just because many people do something does not male it true. Truth is based on the repeatable, testable information people bring to the table. Although religion was useful before most laws and theories were created, it is now deduct and should be ignored by any one not living in the 1600s.

  • No, Even though it got more liberal, it's still dumb

    I highly dislike liberal Christianity, because it is intellectually dishonest. I was once a liberal Christian, in between being a fundamentalist and later, an atheist.
    You guys have plenty of common ground with where atheists tend to stand: you don't deny science, or history, or anything like that. You aren't bigots, homophobes or racists. From a moral perspective, you guys are the best version of Christianity there is.
    However, therein lies the problem.
    Because to pull this off, you transform the bible's stories that conflict with reality into "that's an allegory/story so ancient people would understand the concept". You have to change most of the bible's moral system, old and new testament into "Well that was for them" and play endless pedantic word translation games so you can justify throwing out everything you find distasteful (sexism, racism, etc etc etc the list goes on for miles). It's a completely exhausting juggling act.
    What liberal christianity does is make the entire bible irrelevant, except for one tiny slice of Jesus' teachings that is used to justify doing so and then create a God in your own image. God becomes simply your buddy that you pray to and he blesses you, relieves you of stress, helps you get through the day and then when everything is over spirits you off to eternal undying bliss. Basically, you have created a god of wishful thinking. God agrees with whatever you agree with, and he is against whatever you are against. In other words, God is you.
    I could not tolerate the charade, as I eventually came to see it, of being a theist atheist (That is, believing in God, but approaching life like an atheist with a veneer of divinity coating it).
    And that is why I cannot respect liberal/progressive Christianity as a position. You are good people who are 99.9% atheist, just drop the God already and use your mental energies for more productive means. You are good because you are good people, not 'cuz Jesus loves you.

    Posted by: Dano
  • Who got it right?

    Its incredibly egotistical of people - any people - to believe that the answer they have reached is the only possible answer in the universe, and that all others are severely mistaken in their beliefs, regardless of their actions. Christianity is great for some (and not for others), but it can't be called the one truth.

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