In victory speech, Trump hails win as "beautiful and important": Will Trump's win prove to be the best move for the country?

  • Trump's win proves to be the best move for the country

    Trump's win proves to be the best move for the country because liberalism lost. It is a failed ideology that has gotten us in trillions in debt and resulted in tremendous poverty. No one's life is better because of it. As long as Trump stays true to his word then the country will benefit.

  • It was better than the alternative.

    A lot of voters thought that there was no great candidate to vote for. They thought that Trump was the lesser of two poor choices. However, he was the best move for the country, because he will put American interests forward. He will stop apologizing to the rest of the world for the fact that America exists.

  • Yes it will.

    If the hails win as 'beautiful and important', then he will make it more important by performing his best. To begin with, we have already witnessed Stock Market rising just after he was elected. This is to signify that Trump's victory will be the best move for the country, since the economy will improve.

  • No, it will be a big step backwards.

    Donald Trump is very likely to go down as one of the worst presidents in history. He has no experience and has not demonstrated any knowledge or understanding of our government, our Constitution or the position of president. Throughout his campaign, he showed that he is petty, easily offended and mentally unstable. I am hopeful that most of this was an act, but I am very fearful for the future of the country and the world.

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