In volleyball, are the hitters more important than the passers?

  • Hitters are the best!

    Sure everyone is needed to make the team, but the hitters are the most important. They are more important because they account for the majority of the points and excitement of the game. People want to see the power and ferocity the front row provides. No one wants to watch the grade school game of passing back and forth. The front row also provides for defense when they can block.

  • No. The hitters are awesome, but no they are not more important than the passers.

    No the hitters are not more important than the passer. I think this because, it all starts with the pass. With out a good pass their is no set then there is no hit. But if there was a good pass then there would be a good set then a good kill on the opposing team. But they are all awesome positions in volleybal. I LOVE VOLLEYBALL!!!<3

  • Back row passers are just as important as Hitters!

    Everyone on a Volleyball court plays and equal role in the game. If a back row passer doest get the ball to the setter than the setter cant set the hitter and the hitter cant make a good hit then you good lose the whole entire game. ~By the Way I'm a hitter not a back row

  • No, they both are equally irrelevant

    I dont watch Volleyball for the same reason that nobody else does, because its an irrelevant sport mostly played by girls who werent hot enough to qualify as cheerleaders.... That being said though, Volleyball is a boring sport to watch which means that the positions that are played within the sport itself are equally boring/irrelevant. Hitters are not more important then passers because both of them are equally irrelevant by being in an uninteresting sport.

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