• Why Prolong the Agony of that war

    If we hadn't bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki the war would most likely have gone on to at least 1947/1948 and million more would have died and by August 1945 the war had gone on for 6 years and 70 million people already died it would be INSANE to prolong the agony of the war it also didn't help that the Allies were so sick of the war

  • Saved hundreds of thousands of lives!!

    The Japanese were hard headed... They had no desire to give up. If the US hadn't done anything, the war between us and Japan would have escalated causing many more lives on both sides. The quick actions of the US saved many lives of Americans since there lives were all at risk because the world was at a race to get nuclear weapons!! And a nuclear bomb could have came from Japan at any time if the US hadn't acted.

  • It was a good choice

    Truman's decision to drop both atomic bombs saved American lives from potentially being lost in a normandy-like landing and ended the war quickly. It could have lasted months longer with the Japanese war style, considering they were never going to stop fighting no matter how strong the odds were against them.

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  • Yes, we should have bombed Japan

    Japanese soldiers are loyal and they would all fight until they die and that would be a really long war. The bomb helped to end the war quicker. Japan already bombed Pearl Harbor and we needed to get revenge on them. Japan surrendered in less than a week after the bombing of Nagasaki and all it took was 2 atom bombs.

  • Make Japan Surrender at once

    Make Japan Surrender at once is very important. If the Japanese didn't surrender at once, more and more Japanese and American solders would have died and neither Japan nor America could win. This is important because if they don't win, it will be no use for battling in the war.

  • Bringing the war to an end.

    War planners predicted millions of deaths to both sides in an invasion of the Japanese homeland. Dropping the atomic bomb brought Japan's brutal and unjust war in Asia to an end.

    I'm not sacrificing a million of my soldiers in a war that you created when I can wipe your city off the map. Cold but true.

  • Dropping the atomic bomb was the right decision

    I believe that even though it killed hundreds of thousands of people, it saved lives in the long run. In the time leading up to the bombs being dropped, battles were growing increasingly bloodier, and I think if the United States hadn't dropped the bombs, a direct attack on the Japanese homeland was inevitable. This would have caused many more casualties than the bombs did.

  • Ended the way the quickest way possible with the least deaths possible.

    There were several different options when it came to getting Japan to surrender. One option was to invade Japan. This would have taken months to years and would have caused far more deaths. Two other options were Strategic bombing of precise targets and incendiary bombing to burn down cities. Both of these options would have taken quite a while and would have resulted in mass civilian casualties. The last option was the use of the atomic bombs. This was the least bad of the four options. Two cities, leveled in seconds with a large, lingering mushroom cloud. The psycological effect of this was huge and resulted in Japan's surrender. Japan was warned to surrender or the worst would come. They refused to surrender, so we had to show them that we meant what we had said. Japan was shown that they could not win, so the surrendered. That's that. One last thing, I do not support the death of civilians in a time of war. But, as all options would have resulted in civilian deaths, atomic bombs had the lowest causalty estimates for allied troops, Japenese troops, and civilians. It was, in short, the fastest and least deadly way to end the war.

  • Saved millions of lives

    Anybody saying it was the wrong thing to do, obviously has no idea what the Japanese do in the time of war. Every Japanese citizen is entitled to protect the Emperor, and it is a huge dishonor for the Japanese to surrender. The Japanese would fight until their entire military was dead, and then they would pull citizens off the street until every one of them was dead. Using a weapon they couldn't explain left them with no way to fight it. Which basically forced them to either surrender, or have their whole island blown to the bottom of the sea. Pretty easy choice.

  • No To The Nuclear Weapongs

    I do not believe that the United States was right in dropping the 2 atom bombs on Japan, during World War II. I think this decision failed to take in the overall environmental impact it would have on the area and the residents of that area. I do not believe nuclear weapons should be used, ever.

  • Was 9/11 okay?

    U.S. Drops the bomb on Japan for freedom. Osama Bin Laden's men crash a plane into the twin towers. The Americans killed 100,000+ INNOCENT people with Hiroshima. Bin Laden's men killed 2000 people. Both were doing it in the name of "freedom", to struck fear into their opponents, and prevent a massive war. Only difference is that the U.S. Is always right, and if they are killing, or being killed, the opponent is always "evil". If YOU have the audacity to believe that Hiroshima was in ANYWAY OKAY, that killing INNOCENT people is okay (violating every war law the U.S. Had come up with) then you seriously need to rethink your priorities. The U.S. Is going to bomb Syria for have chemical weapons, the U.S. Invaded Iran looking for weapons of mass destruction. THE JAPANESE DON'T HAVE ANY WEAPONS! The U.S. Is the terrorists they are trying to fight, bombing other countries without remorse, claiming they are killing the enemy. The U.S. Had no right to kill innocent people, and then get pissed about it when they are attacked on a small scale. Killing is wrong, no exceptions.

  • No no no not today 8====================d

    The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were innocent. All they were doing was going about their normal day when suddenly the bomb dropped killing hundreds of thousands instantly. They were wrongfully punished for their governments doings. Then the survivors all had survere radiation, having them to die painful deaths later. And if you dont like this I've got got 2 words for you. SUCK IT!!!!!!! 8======================D

  • Dropping the 2 atoms bombs was the right thing to do.

    Dropping the two atomic bombs helped end the war quickly and it saved both Japanese and American lives. Also, a fast end to the war prevented the Soviet from invading the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. This would have resulted in a split state like in Germany, Viernam, and Korea.

  • No the bombings were uncalled for

    The use of the atomic bomb in World War 2 was not the right thing to do. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives often in very cruel ways. The only reason the US got away with the use of the bomb at the time was that it was new and other countries had not known the devastation or advancement yet.

  • You cannot solve violence with more violence.

    I know it's corny, but it's true. Over 200,000 INNOCENT people were killed out of US's Government's FEAR; and the want to strike fear into the hearts of the Japanese. It's stupid. They US could've found a better way to stop the Japanese from attacking. I cannot think of any good reasons why they should've dropped the bombs. Think about it: 9/11. The terrorists crashed a plane into the twin towers, killing over 2, 000 INNOCENT people. That was out fear, and the want to strike fear into hearts of the Americans.

  • No, it was wrong.

    Dropping two atomic bombs on Japanese cities where it injured and killed average citizens was just absolutely wrong. The horror of that time can not be described and it is hard to believe that the civilized United States did this. It can never be justified and we in the US can't stand any violence being done here.

  • America is the only Nation to use Nuclear Weapons !!!

    The problem with "it saved lives " argument for me is America knew BEFORE they dropped the bombs that the target was 80% civilian. If you are a soldier and sign up to fight you are aware of the risk but knowingly killing hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children, and destroying two major cities on sovereign soil is TERROR.

    Even if the war had dragged on, which is pure speculation, this is the nature of war. It would have been fought by soldiers and the lives of the innocent are spared. This was nothing more than an experiment for the American military to see if their new toy works and in the process we murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    Pearl Harbor was an act of war and truthfully could have been prevented since the American Military strongly suspected Japan was planning an attack. Compare what happened in New York City on 9/11 and our 3000 casualties and what we did in Japan. How do we justify killing and severely injuring hundreds of thousands of innocent people and destroying their their homes ? Also, consider the fact that no other government has ever used nuclear weapons except for the United States of America?

  • Do you still believe in this silly propaganda of US government?

    History is always written by the winners. US wanted to justify its own wrong doing by this propaganda. You should visit Hiroshima and see what was right thing you claim.

    What is difference between dropping bombs to cities and dropping planes to buildings?
    Civilians did not have intention to be involved to the war.

  • No it wasn't

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