• It's not my life

    I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion. I don't think the government should have a say in what a woman can or can't do with her life. I do believe it is wrong, but at the same time it is not my place to tell a person what they can't or can't do with their own body. If a woman decides to go through with it, that's on her. She is the one that has to live with it, not me.

  • "Okay" is a bad choice of words.

    I don't need to ask my government for the go ahead to get my appendix out or to have a sex change or lap band. Why does anyone beyond myself, my doctor or healthcare provider, and possibly my partner have any say at all over my medical decisions. As for the fetus, there is a lot to be considered when you look at the numbers. Who is going to raise, feed, clothe, educate, and yes, love that child into adulthood? Should it be a teen whose lack of education made for a mistake? Or the rape victim who will see her rapist's face every day? Or the incest victim? Or the poor mother who can't afford to feed herself and didn't want to be pregnant? Adoption is not an option, as there are already too many children on an abused and overwrought system.

  • It's not my life

    I am pro-choice not pro-abortion. I don't think the government should have a say in a what a woman decides to do with her own body. I do believe it's wrong but at the same time, it is not my place to tell another person what they can or can't do with their body. If the person decides to go through with it, it's on them. They are the ones that have to live with it, not me.

  • It's perfectly fine.

    First of all, we should definitely breed in a more controlled manner. We're way overpopulated. Children are weird. Honestly, why are we making children? The whole point of humans is to suck up Earth's resources. Also, children are just dumb. Why are humans NOT born with basic knowledge? Baby sea turtles know to swim out to the ocean when they're born. Why don't we know things? It's the mother's choice, but why don't we just adopt kids that have already been born instead of making more? Women should stop being sluts and stop making babies they don't want!

  • I don't see the problem

    ''it's ending a life''
    yeah last time I checked that wasn't a problem when we kill BILLIONS of animals every year not to mention human life clearly isn't valuable enough when you don't like how others live their life, just look at all the invasions the US has done.

    ''it's murder''
    by very definition it is only murder if is UNLAWFUL, therefore BY DEFINITION abortion is NOT murder if done legally.

    ''they're innocent''
    how do you even know that? ''they can grow up to cure cancer'' yeah or they can grow up to be the next hitler, pointless argument, know who else are innocent? The billions of animals we turn into shit every year so clearly someone being innocent is irrelevant

    ''life is valuable''
    you wot mate, who the hell said life is valuable? So you're telling me the life of hitler is valuable? You're telling me the life of a mass murderer is valuable? Get the hell out of here, there are BILLIONS of humans, a thousand humans die today and they will be replaced in a hour, human life is NOT valuable.

    ''god gave life to it so you have no right to end it''
    FACTUALLY wrong, a male and female having sex resulting in a pregnancy gave life, not your imaginary person in the sky so take your argument, your bible and your god and throw it in the trash where it belongs/

    ''the baby has a right to live''
    fetuses do NOT have rights and that's a fact so no, they in fact do not have a right to live

    ''it's basically genocide''
    well clearly americans have no problem with that considering the 100.000 iraq CIVILIANS that were killed by americans.

    Besides how about non human animals? Genocide is committed against them every day, BILLIONS die every year

  • It depends on the situation...

    If people just use abortion as a form of birth control, and have no reasoning to do so, then I think it's pretty messed up. But here's the thing, any female who has her period can get pregnant, that means girls starting from ages 10 to 15 could be raped, and thus resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. People who think a 10 year old should give birth to a baby that they shouldn't have somewhat disgust me. Babies shouldn't be forced to have babies!

  • Your Body Your Choice

    Abortion is completely a personal choice. You don't know the circumstances the person is under. They could have been raped, they could not financially afford a baby or a pregnancy, or they could not just want a child. Adoption is fine if you don't want a child, but it's not fine when you don't want to be pregnant. Also, for everyone saying "adoption is always an option" there are currently 500,000 children in the adoption agency right now. Are you going to adopt them all? It's none of your business what someone does with their body. Don't like abortion? DONT GET ONE. But do NOT make that choice for someone else.

  • It's okay for orbortion

    I believe abortion is okay because women have to go through everything and we deal with the worst pains like periods and baby and they act like we eat to have a baby and men think abortion is not okay cause they are the ones that don't have to go through birth.It should be a choice whether to have a baby or not it's called feminism that is why most of the time men rape girls cause they don't have to go through the child. The pain of having a child is almost as bad as being burned alive. I mean God made girls go through everything and boys through nothing. Overall I don't think it right that they think girls have to have a baby and go through the pain and have to carry a baby for 9 months and not have a choice.

  • Abortion is a thought out choice, not an impulse

    The life of the human mother, is more important than the life of an unborn fetus. There are many good reasons why a mother may need an abortion, and doing so should be her choice. L l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

  • Yes, it's okay

    Women should have the right to decide whether or not they have the child. I don't agree when their reasonings aren't major like,"I just don't want a child because it's too much work." When they have stability, a partner, a job, etc. I do agree when the women is not ready emotionally, financially, physically, whatever. People say you should just give the child up for adoption but to make sure your child is completely healthy, you need to have ob/gyn checkups and those cost $1,500-3,000 dollars, plus $10,000 for a hospital birth. If someone is not stable financially, this could cause lots of problems later in life and effect them even in 20 years. Another argument is that if the girl gets raped or incest occurs, it was her fault because she wore revealing clothes or did something scandalous. That is the biggest load of bull I have ever heard. That is basically saying that women are an object for men to look at and use and if you do something that atracts them, they will rape you, so don't do that. When, in reality, it's the rapists fault because it is not okay to do something to someone without consent. Women should have the right to say whether they would like to go through the traumatizing experience of pregnancy or not. You may not know it, but many women end up with pre-natal depression. It's not fun, and it's not easy for someone who isn't prepared. Just let them do what they want and stop messing with my life you close minded people!

  • Killing babies is not okay

    The woman's body is housing another body: the baby's. That baby has a right to life, and I think one individual's right to life trumps another's right to "choose." It is immoral to permit one individual to terminate the life of another individual. The baby is a human being who should be protected.

  • No it's disgusting and wrong. And also.... It's another genocide

    Did you know that in the last 40 years, 56 million babies have been aborted. So if you do the math right the average babies aborted in 12 years is 16,800,000.... In 12 years the Nazis killed 6 million, the war average being 11 million.... So more babies have been aborted then Jews (and soldiers) killed my Nazis (and the German army). So we talk sh*t about Nazis but we, Americans, aren't any better. Honestly, we're worst because those tiny, growing children didn't get a chance to breath and were murdered. They were innocent just like, if not more, then all the Jews and "undesirables". So just let that sink in because honestly... It's another genocide only it's being allowed

  • Abortion needs to be abolished.

    For me, abortion is never a right thing to do. Everyone has one and only special lives and why just kill the innocent child? Abortion is pretty much the same thing as murdering and if you weren't ready to have a child or didn't want it then why make the mistake at the first place by causing this problem? Abortion has to be abolished. The baby has their rights to live and we are all equal human beings and I just don't think that killing other human is just the most cruel thing to do.

    If you aren't ready for the child or not want it, there are so many other choices to make except abortion. You can always put the baby up for adoption and other good people can take a responsible for it.

  • Abortion is murder.

    The act of unjust killing is murder. Pregnancy, even if considered an inconvenience, is still consequences of an action. The baby inside the womb has done no evil; therefore it is unjust to kill it. If life begins at conception then that means a baby is living thing in the womb. If anyone has seen a sonogram then they have seen the baby moving, and making conscious decisions. No one has the right to determine if one's life is more valuable than the other simply because of age. Murder is always wrong, even is the victim is not yet born.

  • Of course it's not

    Abortion is one of the cruelest things a person could do. Why would you even want to do that to an innocent infant? Every child is a blessing, a gift, and you're simply just, going to leave it! The baby needs their mother, would you have liked it if your mother have aborted you, it's a very horrible thing, that sadly exists in this world

  • What an immoral and disgraceful creature you are.

    The day there's a heartbeat in a baby, that's when God has given a life to someone. He creates life and no one has a right to take it off. Why throw the blame and your shame to a pure, virgin baby?! Please be responsible for what you have done because you're now playing with someone's life. How do you feel if you're the one who was aborted? Even if the baby is still in her mom's stomach, she will feel a miserable rejection.
    Bad abortion can affect to decaying meat in ovaries. How if the tools used to take the baby out was not hygienist and dirty? Your body will get the impact. The leftover meat will stay inside and led to infection.
    Most importantly, it is such an immoral choice to take.

  • Abortion is not okay.

    These small, wonderful bundles of joy are people too. Abortion is not okay.

    Abortion is wrong. Sure, it's your body and you do what you want. But do you want to know something? We are all the same. No matter the color of our skin, or the background from which each and every one of us come from. Now, even though these wonderful bundles of joy are small, they are still people. Even when they are not born, they have a beating heart. They have eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth.

    These babies could've been the next Albert Einstein, or the next Michael Jackson. But you really will never know if you kill them.

    Abortion is like discrimination, except they don't have a say in what they want. How's that fair at all? It's not. These babies, even at this small, have a huge life ahead of them. And you are taking it away.

    So no, abortion is not an okay thing to do. Even if you're child was a mistake, it's still yours all the same. Think twice before you abort. Think about what you're really doing.

  • The process is disgusting and inhumane.

    While I do agree with the people who said "yes" that the woman should be able to decide if she wants to abort her baby or not, the process of aborting a baby is absolutely shocking and repulsive. Whether the woman decides to have her doctor give the baby a chemical so it will ingest it and die, or taking a pill that will slowly disintegrate the baby's body, or having the baby's body physically sucked out of the womb, it is a disgusting process and quite frankly it is inhumane because the woman is literally killing her baby before it is born. I mean, if the woman gets married, gets intimate with her husband, and then accidentally gets pregnant when she is not physically, emotionally, or even economically ready to take care of a child, I think it would be better to not have the child than to have the child and not be able to take care of it properly. In my eyes, however, abortion is not okay.

  • Abortion is sick

    No it is not okay because it is no different than murder and if you chose to have sex with someone then grow up and take responsiblity of what you chose to create. You could at least give the baby to parents that arent able to have kids. I hope anyone that has aborted or supports abortion relizes how fucked their bullshit opinion is one day.

  • Even if it is an unwanted pregnancy it's not the babies fault.

    I understand some people say "What about cases of rape and incest?" Well the baby didn't do anything, so we shouldn't end a life just because of these cases. I understand you may not want to baby after this but you shouldn't say it's okay because of these cases. Adoption is always an option, especially for those who can't conceive and want a child.

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