In your opinion are blondes typically more ignorant?

Asked by: RedHeadRights
  • Yes. Most certainly yes.

    In my lifetime I have realized something. Blondes are a dying breed, but then I ask, " Why am I still surrounded by blonde women?" Truth is, the vast majority are women that have dyed their hair. Which leads me to believe that these woman are investing quite a lot of money to make sure that they look good. Which is a waste of money and an ignorant behavior.
    Ignorant- lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

  • There are plenty of idiots in the world:

    Being stupid has nothing to do with hair colour, I have seen and met plenty of people who have done stupid things from time to time.

    It had nothing to do with their hair colour, it was a result of the individuals own ignorance on a specific subject or task. Not everyone can be expected to know everything and never make stupid mistakes over the course of their lifetime.

    Everyone does stupid things at some point, either from a lack of thought at the time or a lack of knowledge.

    Blaming hair colour, is just an ignorant stereotype, I don't doubt some blonde people are stupid but so is everyone else at some point and you can lie on the site if you want about it but you can't lie to yourself you know the all the stupid mistakes you have made over your lifetime that have caused you embarrassment and wish never happened.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-10-03T15:12:01.320
My sister is blonde. She graduated Valedictorian.
RedHeadRights says2014-10-03T15:51:48.947
I never said stupid, I said ignorant.