In your opinion, which game is better: The Call of Duties based in World War II (yes) or the Modern Warfare series (no)?

Asked by: SamStevens
  • In my opinion, Worlds war 2 based call of duties are better.

    I think they are better because they are actually based on something and that they actually teach a lesson in history and real battle. I particularly like call of duty 2: the big red one; call of duty 3; and call of duty world at war ( both ps2 and xbox 360 versions) due to their realistic experience and story line. You can actually learn about vehicles, weapons, and battles that actually happened. I have Modern ware fare 1 and 2 but they just weren't as fun as call of duty 2, 3, and world at war. I have played black ops at my friends house and for me that was not as good either. So what do you guys think?

  • In my opinion, the Modern Warfare series is better

    I have call of duty modern warfare 2 and 3, and black ops 1 and 2, and have played call of duty world at war at my friend's house. Although the WW2 games have more historical significance and accuracy, the question to me is not in the details, but the gameplay itself. In my opinion, the best call of duty game made was Modern warfare 2, as it had high power secondary weapons, combos of perks to create refined classes ex: knifing with marathon, lightweight, and commando, grenadier with one man army and danger close, quick scoping with slight of hand pro, stopping power, and steady aim, etc. Also, on that topic, some of the perks that I mentioned were only present in this game, such as
    one man army:
    (allowed classes to have it as a first perk and takes up secondary weapon. Allows to take 3-7 seconds, depending on if you have pro, to switch to any class you have or resupply your current one. This is commonly used either to "link" all of your classes together to allow you to be prepared for any scenario, or to resupply your ammo infinitely, usually used with under-mounted grenade launchers)
    slight of hand pro
    (allows faster aiming down sights, only game where it works on sniper rifles)
    commando/commando pro
    (allows extreme increase in melee distance; pro allows for no fall damage, used for knifing classes)

    However, I will agree with you on one thing:
    The system of having to "buy" your guns, perks, upgrades, grenades, and attachments was horrid.

    But as for the modern warfare games, I must STRONGLY disagree

  • Modern warfare is better.

    I think the modern warfare series is better because people who play them can understand whats going on in them. They also now what battles are being fought and what kind of weapons are being used. Plus, I like the story line better. Also, the characters are better known. Lastly, I think more people play the modern warfare series than the world war 2 series.

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kbub says2014-02-13T04:52:51.323
How is this a "yes" or "no" question?

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