Incorrect blood transfusions cause a sense of foreboding: Are transfusions a bad thing?

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  • No blood transfusions are not a bad thing

    In the cases of trauma, hemorrhage or both blood transfusions are a lifesaving measure. Blood is a scarce and expensive resource that should only be used when medically indicated. The area of blood conservation is one of the few areas in medicine where procedure outcomes can be improved, risk reduced and costs saved all at the same time.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Getting blood is not a bad or scary thing. It goes through your IV, just like fluids you will get during your labor or cesarean. There is a chance of a reaction to the blood but there's always a chance of a reaction to anything you receive. You will be closely monitored during the transfusion for any reactions. That being said, blood transfusions happen but they are not common. You already have extra blood volume when you deliver which helps compensate for blood loss. The real risk of a needing a transfusion is seen in patients with a low blood count before delivering or those with a clinically diagnosed postpartum hemorrhage.

  • No, it is a good thing.

    Blood transfusion is a good thing, we can not underscore the importance of blood transfusion in the modern medical technology. It has saved a lot of lives for example accident victims whose loose a lot blood and would have otherwise died. Despite the challenges surrounding it, it should be embraced.

  • No, blood transfusions are not a bad thing.

    No, blood transfusions are not a bad thing. Blood transfusions have saved the lives of many people who have suffered catastrophic accidents. They are also used for cancer patients who are experiencing deficiencies in red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets due to either the diagnoses themselves or the side effects of treatment.

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