• Yes, I think this is the future of America.

    Yes, I think that an increase in jobs but a decrease in pay is going to be the future of America. We already don't make enough making minimum wage to be able to survive and I can't see them putting the rate of living up anytime soon so I guess this is indeed what were stuck with.

  • Yes, the future of America is in low-paying skilless jobs.

    Middle class jobs, such as skilled factory work and even entry level computer jobs, are being outsourced or moved overseas to countries with lower and lower labor costs. The jobs that remain are those tied to the population that lives there, including service sector jobs and maintenance. While some of these jobs are good-paying trades, the vast majority do not require special skills and as a result employees are replaceable with lower and lower wages and part-time work hours to avoid paying benefits.

  • America's future is lower paying jobs

    The current economic trends show higher paying manufacturing jobs have been eliminated and replaced with lower paying service jobs. This trend has continued from the 1980s to present. So an observer can look at the past 30 years as evidence of this negative economic cycle. The world's manufacturing base will be in Asia, as these jobs were converted from blue collar thirty dollar-per-hour jobs to 5 dollar-per-hour poverty jobs.

  • Higher Minimum Wages More Common

    There is an upswing in state minimum wages occurring. This will lead to jobs becoming more specialized in order to match the wage required. Additionaly, it will push industries towards innovating in a manner that automates more processes, and requires less employees in order to mitigate the cost of running a business.

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