Increase UN Annex I aid for climate change adaptation: Are Annex I states more obligated due to greater resources?

  • Annex I States are Obligated to Assist in Climate Change Adaptation

    Developed countries hold the most responsibility for the causes of climate change while lesser developed countries do not have the financial resources or wherewithal to combat it effectively without assistance, nor were they major contributors to the problem. For the sake of the world economy and to combat starvation and massive loss of live, the developed states should do what they can to educate, assist in new farming methods, and feed those who cannot help themselves. Yet to be addressed is the responsibility of developed countries to assist in the relocation of those who will be displaced by climate change.

  • Others will Catch Them

    Annex 1 states do have greater resources, but that should not make them more obligated than other states to pay for climate change measures. Other states have benefited from the industrial progress made in the Annex 1 nations. Also, other states whose economies are developing will eventually emit significant levels of greenhouse gas.

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