Increased gas demand: should the government make efforts to stabilize gas availability and prices?

  • They need to do more than that

    The government needs to not only stabilize the availability and the price of gas, they need to also demand auto makers make more fuel efficient, hybrid vehicles that are affordable. The US needs to be less dependent on foreign oil, in order to prevent OPEC from setting prices and manipulating the market. We need to step into the modern age.

  • No, the government needs to take a step back

    The government already, as it stands, does enough to try to control the lives of the American people. If we asked them to try to stabilize gas availability and prices, we'd just be more dependent on something else they are able to control. We need to get out of this cycle of asking the government to fix our problems. We need to make a stand and say we can fix our own problems; take a step back and look at yourself first.

  • The government should invest in developing alternative energy sources.

    I think it is much more important for the government to take initiatives to invest in the development of alternative energy sources instead of working to stabilize gas availability and prices. I think that the increased demand for gas should prompt the government to recognize how reliant our society is gas as an energy source and greatly impacted our society will be as resources begin to deplete in the future. This issue presents a unique opportunity to recognize how important it is to think about other using other types of energy than gas.

  • No, there is a free market for a reason

    The free market exists so that the capitalist system will take care of itself. If the price of oil it is meant to. There will always be dips and falls in the market. This is why it wise to not rely on just one source of energy. Look at Venezuela.

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