Independence for southern Sudan: Would independence for southern Sudan be justified?

  • The Southern Sudanese have long been subjected to mistreatment from the North.

    Yes, it appears that independence for Southern Sudan is a rational method of stopping the civil wars and violence that have plagued Sudan for decades. The southern Sudanese are culturally and religiously distinct from many of the northern Sudanese and have suffered under onerous policies in the past. Independence would allow them to government themselves, thus ending the conflict with the northern part of Sudan.

  • Independence for South Sudan is justified.

    Under the principle of self determination the South Sudanese people have the right to decide their own political fate. As South Sudan is ethnically, culturally, and religiously different from the rest of Sudan, it is therefore understandable that the South Sudanese seek independence. South Sudanese indpendence is justifed and should be respected by the rest of the world.

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