• Independent Scotland: Scotland will join EU on its own, according to predictions.

    Several predictions of senior leaders predict that Scotland will join EU on its own. A majority of the people in Scotland had voted to remain with the EU, however Brexit happened. Now, several Scottish politicians are foreseeing the future of Scotland as an independent country. According to opinion polls, a majority of Scots now want to part ways.

  • Yes, Scotland will fight for its independence.

    Scotland will become independent from the United Kingdom. In the "Brexit" vote, Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. The leaders of Scotland want to hold a referendum in their country to leave the UK and remain, as a independent country, in the EU. Scotland believes its power as a member of the EU is more valuable than their power as a independent country.

  • Scotland won't join the EU.

    Scotland wants to be independent from Great Britain, but I don't think they will join the EU. They don't want to give up any of the independence that they have by joining an organization. If the Scottish people are going to be truly free to govern the way they want to, they need to be away from both Great Britain and the EU.

  • Not right away.

    I don't believe the EU would accept an independent Scotland as a member, at least not right away. Other EU members would be worried about the precedent of letting a region secede from a country and gain full EU recognition. An independent Scotland would also have a weak economy relative to most of the EU.

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