India and Egypt decline free Internet from Facebook: Will Facebook ever make an offer like this to the United States?

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  • Facebook has no need to offer free internet

    Facebook is trying to grow it's reach. With the insurgence of Instagram, there is less of a use for Facebook in the US, so Facebook is looking for other areas to reach people. Offering free internet to India and Egypt is a way to increase usability. Facebook would know that offering that in the US would never hold it's ground.

  • Facebook will never offer free Internet to the United States

    It's unlikely that Facebook will ever make a similar proposition to the United States that they have made to India and Egypt. The United States is the bastion of capitalism and corporate greed and the corporation responsible for delivery of internet services have too much power and will refuse to yield it. Facebook, undoubtedly, is well aware of this and realize that it will be futile to make such an offer.

  • Facebook won't offer free internet in the US

    The Facebook free internet program is being designed to help countries which are not able to obtain the internet, or are not able to afford it. In the United States, the internet is everywhere and is offered by countless companies. It is also getting faster and cheaper, due to competing companies. Because of this, Facebook has no reason to look towards the US for this program.

  • Too Much Capital

    Indias state of commerce is so different from ours. Here they are trying to build a brand, while in the United States, the majority of the population is already logging in to their website multiple times every single day without any sort of bribery taking place. It would be like pouring perfectly good money down the drain.

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