India builds world's largest solar power plant. Should other countries work to follow suit?

  • It's a great step forward

    India has made huge strides in its environmental program in recent years and its decision to move to green energy by building the world's largest solar power plant is a huge plank of this. The fact that this can be achieved in India which has struggled with poor revenue in the form of taxes and diminished infrastructure links demonstrates that developed countries can achieve so much more.

  • Yes, Solar Power is a Great Source of Energy.

    Yes, solar power is a great source of energy, and other countries should work to follow India's lead on solar power plants. As long as other countries have the money to fund solar plants, the benefits of renewable energy are very attractive to most countries. Because of this, many countries are already starting work or have their own renewable power plants.

  • Yes, solar energy and other green energy is the way to go.

    Other countries should borrow a leaf from India by investing in solar energy. Green energy is the energy of the future, it is more reliable and sustainable compared to other sources of energy. By investing in solar energy, we are able to preserve our environment (it has zero emissions) in a big way.

  • Yes, solar energy is the future

    Fossil fuels are a limited resource. The future is in renewable energy. If counties were smart, they would steer away from such dependency on the fossil fuel industry and have an eye to the future with solar and other renewable energy. For the country who is able to do that the fastest and most efficiently, will be the new world powerhouse.

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