• Yes, it is true.

    Pakistan's lack of will in dealing with insurgents stems from its "India phobia", its military and civilian tensions and its trust deficit with neighbors, Afghanistan's foreign minister said this while demanding the dismantling of "safe havens" in Pakistan to defeat terrorism. Therefore, this India strike might stem the Pakistani terrorism.

  • No, this will only play into the hands of Pakistani terrorist organisations.

    The Kashmir region has for a long time been tinderbox waiting to be ignited. There has also been a longstanding resentment between Pakistan and India, so with the recent death of some Pakistani soldiers, this is only going to stoke tensions between the countries. Unfortunately, Pakistan is already a breeding ground for terrorists, so this will just be another excuse for them to wage war against non-muslim countries.

  • Terrorism won't be quelled by violence

    I do not think that air strikes and further violence are a good tactic to curtail terrorism in Pakistan. Terrorism is more complicated than this on a regional level and I feel that untargetted, indiscriminate violence will only cause more people to be radicalised and turn normal civilians into dangerous terrorists.

  • Pakistan is a terrorist country anyways.

    India strikes on Pakistan won't step Pakistani terrorism because Pakistan is a terrorist country already. Pakistan harbored Osama Bin Laden for years, while they pretended that they didn't know where he was. Pakistan would find reasons to be an aggressor, even without strikes from any other country. They have been hostile with India for years.

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