Indian firing kills seven Pakistan soldiers: Should Pakistan respond to Indian aggression?

  • Pakistan must respond, but not with force

    It would be absurd to assert that Pakistan should not respond to Indian aggression in some way. However, the appropriate path forward is a diplomatic one. The India-Pakistan conflict on their shared border is a complex issue, one that has been hovering on the precipice of open conflict for decades now. While India's initial act was wrongful and threatened this tentative peace, cooler heads must prevail.

  • No they should not.

    Though Indian firing kills seven Pakistan soldiers, i believe that Pakistan should not respond to Indian aggression. This was actually a mistake and it was not intentional. They should maintain peace and have an understanding to make things clear. To avoid war between the two countries, they should resolve the issue.

  • No, they should not

    The easiest and best way to end a war is to never stop one. Of course if the Indians conintinue to attack the Palistians, they have a right to defend themselves and protect the innocent people who are not involved in the conflict. But they should not start a war just because they have been provoked.

  • Pakistan is aggressive.

    Pakistan is more aggressive than India is. Pakistan has nuclear weapons and India does not. There is no way that India would provoke Pakistan on purpose. India has a good economy and they are focused on that. Pakistan knows that they are stronger than India militarily, and neither side wants to upset the delicate balance of peace.

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