Indian scientist invented wireless in the 1800s: Are we as modern as we think we are?

  • I think we are modern as we think we are

    India claiming they invented wireless in the 1800's is a stretch. I'm not certain what their definition of "wireless" is but you need certain technology in place prior to having wireless in order for it to succeed. Currently we are very advanced as far as technology so humankind is well ahead.

  • We use technology.

    People in other societies throughout history probably tinkered with technology. But there is no time where technology is used on such a grand scale as it is today. Microsoft took a lot of criticism for thinking that people would ever want to own home computers. Now, every person has a computer on their phone.

  • We are not as advanced as we think.

    While facts like "Indian scientists inventing wireless in the 1800s" are news to me, that can be true of many different facts for different people. In our faced paced world, as we simply try to keep up with our day to day, it is easy to loose sight of our past and appreciate history, especially across cultural lines.

  • No, we are definitely not as modern as we think we are.

    No, we are definitely not as modern as we think we are, case in point: the Egyptian pyramids. Experts in every conceivable field and discipline, from archaeology to engineering, cannot understand how they were constructed without modern technology. In fact, even with our current space age technology and construction methods, many of these experts doubt that modern mega-pyramidal structures could be built out of the same ancient materials with the exact level of precision.

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