Indiana bill would allow police to shut down protests "by any means necessary." Does this give the police too much power?

  • Disruption of the social order or civil disobedience means DEATH!

    This law allows the shut down of any protest, violent or not, as long as it is blocks traffic (every single mass protest and march blocks traffic, you can't not do so if you have that many people). Heck even if they are not on the road people arguing against them on the road, or even slowed traffic from the distraction of their very presence could be an argument for blocking traffic.

    The rushed response time, use of ALL available units, and authorization of lethal force does not . It actually encourages it as the protest must be broken up immediately which means that the first response is not likely to take time to talk it out and end the matter peacefully, but instead move in beating people with batons and respond to ANY sign of resistance with gunfire. Heck it wouldn't surprise me if an understaffed or under equipped immediate response didn't open with gunfire against an angry but so far non violent protest.

    This bill basically discourages protesting in general, and completely outlaws protesting in large groups under threat of death.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Let's go further, don't even pay them enough for them to support themselves as an individual, some will steal out of desperation, or break the law which will allow us to exploit them even further after we incarcerate them. It will cause many to feel they could never support any children, and those that have children anyways will justify their actions as necessary to provide for their family.
    Ah yes, slaves to the grave.

  • People are scared.

    Today, people live in fear of the police. They commit crimes and they get away with, just because they're the police. They hide behind the power of the badge to abuse other people. The police have way too much power already, they shouldn't just be allowed to shoot peaceful protesters.

  • I agree that any means necessary gives police too much power

    There must be a reasonable amount of force used depending on the level of protests. To immediately use any means necessary will result in injury and even loss of life. Certain types of means should not be used against peaceful protestors. If this law is put into place, we could potentially see instances like that in Kent, Ohio.

  • No, this does not give police too much power.

    The proposed Indiana bill that grants police the power to shut down violent protests does not give law enforcement too much power. The right to peacefully assemble and protests is guaranteed by the constitution. However, this does not mean that protesters can turn violent. There are times when the police need to be able to shut down violent demonstrations and riots.

  • It is one thing to shut down protests that have turned to vandalism and/or rioting, as well as ones that are blocking traffic

    However, seriously injuring protestors that aren't rioting isn't a good idea, and there are other ways of being firm about the "no blocking traffic" rule. Rioters and vandals, however, must be dealt with in a somewhat rougher manner, as they are out of control. Arresting them is one thing. Shooting to kill them is inexcusable.

    Posted by: mplo

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