Indiana makes same-sex marriage a felony punishable by prison. Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Lets put an end to this minority persecution of majority already!

    Alright. Lets keep this short.
    LGBT movement plays the civil rights card... Really? Comparing all the things that happened to black people for example to homosexuals etc...
    There is no doubt that something looks off. Guess what? You are protected as individuals, you have you rights etc...
    Lets ignore the fact that the LGBT is merely a propaganda aggressive movement. Homosexuals are much more likely to receive domestic violence than hate violence from idiots.

    The conditions for victim status are:
    1-have suffered a history of discrimination
    2-are powerless to help themselves
    3- are defined by immutable characteristics.

    Were they forced into servitude?
    Were they denied medical treatment at a heterosexual only hospital?
    Were they segregated in schools, buses, restaurants, bathrooms, water fountains etc...
    Were they bought and sold as a property?
    Were they hunted, captured decapitated or placed in zoos?

    No? They are not victims then.

    Homosexuality is behaviour based. Without behaviour, there is absolutely no way to know whether someone is homosexual or not. There is absolutely no proof that homosexuals are "Born this way". Evidence brought up is outdated, refuted, and unreproduced since last century.

    There is pretty much an unlimited number of possible sexual orientation, and every agenda of a sexual orientation is to normalize their behaviour. Just check on any sexual orientation rights organization, and you'll see them saying "We were born this way!!!".
    There is a claim that homosexuals and heterosexuals are equal.
    Males are born with male sexual parts. So they are definitely males.
    Females are born with female sexual parts. So they are definitely females.
    The productive system that ensures the survival of humankind is between a male and a female, thus heterosexuality is natural. Ultimately, we are one race with two genders, males and females. And for homosexuality to be equal to heterosexuality they must have their own physiology that fits in their sexual activities.
    They keep attempting to imply that they are the same. But the fact is that homosexual activities are dangerous.

    Homosexuality is thus unnatural and an abnormality based on the conduct of same-sex relationship. In the end they are males or females. Biologically, they is no difference between homosexuals and the other paraphilias.
    Thus homosexual marriage makes zero sense and in no way it is equal to heterosexual marriage. Otherwise, it will be a discrimination (pun intended) on all the other sexual orientations. There are people who want to marry their dolls.

  • A brilliant idea

    Because homosexuals and the LGBT community are not giving up there hopeless ideology that they are somehow equal to heterosexuals, it is only right that government criminalizes their disgusting and sinful acts. If you look deep into our laws, we see God. Quote the Declaration of Independence, "...That we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." God created free will, He gave humans our most basic rights. As a nation under God, our government simply enhances, protects, preserves, and enforces His law. Our countries laws must ALWAYS be subject to God's law, for it is because of God's law that we have national laws. If God intended marriage to be between a single natural man and a single natural woman, then our laws must reflect that. If the LGBT community refuses to repent their sins, our laws must punish them and criminalize their repugnant, unnatural, and God-hating behavior. Kudos to Indiana and may other states follow in its footsteps.

  • Woooo!!! I Want to move to Indiana now!

    I'm glad to see one state has good sense. They're belief in natural law is perfect. They have a virtual applicant for ONE male & ONE female only, not 1 for each gender. I hope this keep this & it goes on for years. In Indiana the law clearly states that one man and one woman are the only two who can apply for a marriage license and can have a marriage ceremony performed.

    Read more: http://www.Care2.Com/causes/in-indiana-applying-for-a-gay-marriage-license-is-a-felony.Html#ixzz2Z8XcfqNK

  • Great for Indiana!

    Hopefully,more and more states will do the same. Most of America is sick of the gay BS. We are tired of the nonsense. Gay sex is dirty and disgusting and perverse. Our children need to grow up knowing that homosexuality is not normal, even if not blamable.

    The LGBT movement needs to be destroyed. They are trying to ruin America. Heterosexuality is how man and woman were meant to be based on evolution. A homosexual species never evolved for a reason.

    And, if you believe in God, God hates Homosexuals because their behavior is sick and perverse in the eyes of the Lord, as stated in many verses in the Bible.

    Gays lead a More Promiscuous lifestyle than Straights and Gay men spread more HIV than any other group?

  • Great to hear it!

    Leviticus 20:13 (King James Version) says these words:

    If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a womankind, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. No sane people should tolerate this filth. It's mainly the young dumb people who support it. The Jews support because they want to decrease the population.

  • I partially agree

    I believe the broader concept within this question is whether or not you believe in same sex marriage (SSM), then you can approach the question of whether it should be punishable or not.

    I personally don't believe SSM thus my opinion may be slightly bias in terms of what punishment should be offered, I will therefore briefly address why I don't believe SSM. Firstly - Marriage is: The formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognised by law, by which they become husband and wife [Oxford Dictionary]. I can confidentially say that by way of general consensus, this definition is broadly accepted as the correct definition within the confines of the English language.

    I find homosexuals segregate themselves from society by adopting this cognitively dissonant viewpoint that the rest of the world doesn't accept them thus their drive for equality is self inflicted. When will this minority of society realise that they are in fact the ones intruding on the traditionally accepted social viewpoint that was already in place during the earliest stages of humanity.

    I don't believe homosexuals reserve such rights granting them authority to change public opinion on whether they should be recognised as 'married' under law. The notion effectively goes against a socially accepted world view of what is morally correct - that is a man and woman should get married because thats historically hows it's been all along.

    The Idea of punishment is slightly excessive but maybe this is the States defence mechanism to combat and deter the growing number of gays that wish to challenge history long traditions of the word 'marriage' that has been widely accepted as the moral and ethical standard. I'm unaware of the varying laws surrounding civil union, however I feel this option is suffice recognition to permit gay's couple to publicly live and carry out daily affairs without discrimination.

    To desire the change and meaning of a word that has symbolised the union of a man and woman throughout history even before each gay couple on this earth was born is a selfish action under a false pretense that gays are not accepted. If a state wants to punish for this, then so be it. They should do this on the basis that SSM is a sexual orientation choice by the individual - why should one get special treatment for going against normal social function simply to satisfy their own beliefs. By rejecting laws already in place they are subjecting them self to punishment.

  • This is the 21st century..

    So if you believe that marriage should only be between two people of opposite sex, then I ask you why? How does the happiness of two other people effect you? What could they possibly do that would cause them to be considered a felony? Love is feeling that everyone should be able to feel, not just the dark age "norm" of a guy and a girl.

    Posted by: Rxan
  • What the heck?

    Seriously? What is wrong with Indiana? Making gay marriage a crime is idiotic, and making it a felony is an outrage. Being gay isn't a choice, you're just born that way. So what they're saying is: you were born different than others, so you have to either marry somebody you don't love, or die alone. If they were banning marriage between two people based on race or religion, then this would be an enormous outrage, and it would be political suicide for the Indiana government. But yet it somehow gets by on banning it because of gender? NO. If two people of the same gender love each other, than what gives anyone the right to keep them apart? It's not like it impacts anybody, especially not the state.

    Just for the record, I am not gay, nor do I live in Indiana. Just wanted to point that out.

  • This is just horrible

    Okay. What do people have against homosexuals? Being gay isnt going to kill anyone and why deny them marriage benifits? But making it a felony has just gone to far. Way to far. People can't help being gay, bisexual, or transgender. Wy punish them for that? Let them marry who they love.

  • This will blow

    Over eventually. I believe gay marriage can be equated to almost any American Dis-crimination event in history. There was a time when we owned slaves, there was a time where women had few rights, and many more. I think humans naturally know the arguments against gay marriage are flawed and hypocritical of human rights values. I am willing to bet that this will be repealed with in the next 10 years, if not much sooner, with how big of an uproar movements against gay marriage have caused.

    But in the end, there is no good reason Gay's shouldn't have the right to marry one another just as straights do. Discrimination in any form, is still discrimination. Not allowing a group of like minded people, or physically alike people, to participate in a function that philosophically should belong to everyone violates my code of morality. I would be more than happy to take up any debates on this issue, just send me a challenge.

    Specific to the topic header though, regardless of whether people agree or dis-agree with same sex marriage, there is no reason for the state to get involved. Law and legislation should be made to prevent crime, injustice, and to ensure equality. Indiana's law strictly violates this, and ultimately won't accomplish much more than an outcry.

    The genitalia between someone's thighs, should have no effect on love, marriage, and sanctity. If this is for religious purposes, the state has breached the border of "separation of church and state".

  • This is ridiculous

    This issue is, to me, crystal clear. If some American citizens have the right to do something, and others do not share that right, that is INEQUALITY and it is wrong. What happens between consenting adults is the business of those people. It is not the government's job to decide the relationship between consenting adults, especially because most people consider marriage to be highly religious, and in the US, there is (and should be) separation between church and state.

  • Good god, NO!

    This is ridiculous. People of the same sex getting married is Illegal?


    What have they ever done to anyone else?!

    Have they stolen?

    Have they murdered people?

    Have they scammed others?

    No, they've just decided to get married even though they're both of the same sex.

    This is nothing more than government backed discrimination. As moral human beings, we have an obligation to oppose this evil in any way we can.

  • This isn't even legal.

    Legally, Indiana cannot make same-sex marriage a felony. Certainly Indiana could refuse to contract same-sex marriages and only contract heterosexual marriages, but the Federal Constitution, ratified by Indiana when it became a state in 1816 includes what is known as the full faith and credit clause which is as follows: "Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state. And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof" (Article IV, Section 1). Therefore it would be unconstitutional for Indiana to criminalize same-sex marriages contracted in other states, and obviously, if Indiana were to contract same-sex marriages itself it couldn't then criminalize those very marriages it contracted.

    (As an aside there is literally nothing morally wrong with homosexuality. Please read John Corvino's "Whats Wrong With Homosexuality" from Oxford University Press, 2013, if you don't believe me.)

  • I don't support Homosexuality but...

    Making it Illegal is ridiculous. We do not live in a society like the Israelites where everyone agrees as a whole to follow the law of God. Back then homosexuality was punishable by death because a single sin of that degree condemned the entire camp (for example when the Hebrew married the Moabite the camp was cursed until he was speared through the genitals) However everyone today is responsible for their own sin and the consequences apply only to them. Locking them up is ridiculous and a waste of tax payer money. It should be legal because this is America where you have the right to do whatever you want as long as your not harming someone else. Until someone proves it's harmful to society or a group of people it should be legal. However on the same ground a business or religious institution should be able to refuse to do something that impedes on their religious beliefs. So bakeries shouldn't be forced to make gay cakes and churches shouldn't be forced to wed a couple that impedes on their moral ground. My opinion.

  • You can't control who you love

    People should get hit in the face with a brick if they don't think that everyone should be able to marry who they choose, no matter what gender they are.

    Why shouldn't same-sex marriage be allowed? Give me 20 good reasons, not any less than 20! If you don't like gay people getting married, go live under a rock. You wont have to deal with it, no one should be able to control who falls in love with who.

    You can't control who you love dummies! Go get a life and stop pestering people who want to have a relationship with someone they love!!!

  • Why are people still against gays?

    There is no reason.

    1. Gays don't affect you.

    2. Gay marriange isn't supposed to replace traditional man-and-woman marriage. It is just supposed to provide an alternative to marriage for those who are gay. Gays may only make up 3% of the population, but that still is several million.

    3. Gay marriage is NOT a new thing. Take a history class at a non-Christian school. Greeks and Romans had gay marriage. It wasn't until the Christian INVADERS took over that it became illegal.

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