Indiana officials are trying to block almost 45,000 black citizens from voting. Do Republicans intentionally suppress voting?

  • Both political parties are corrupt

    I'm a Republican, but I can't deny that it's possible that this raid of registering voters was intentional in order to suppress voters. Honestly, the whole situation stinks of profiling. By accusing the Republicans, we assume that all black voters will vote Democrat, which is not always true. I think both sides are corrupt and guilty of suppressing votes, blocking voters, misleading voters, and skewing the election in a variety of other ways. I'm afraid at this point, it's difficult to trust either sides leaders.

  • This has been a consistent problem.

    Ever since African-Americans have been able to fully participate politically, people of the conservative fringe have sought to disenfranchise them whether by violent means or through bureaucratic processes. This is still the case today as can be seen from this recent revelation in Indiana and other places in the country.

  • I agree that Republicans try to supress voting.

    The Republican party is desperate to hold onto Congress and will stop at nothing to keep it. Donald Trump cries voter fraud since he is losing this election but Republicans are doing everything in their power to manipulate the vote. This will only add to the list of problems facing the Republican party and its future.

  • YEs, they do.

    Republicans try very hard to keep people from voting. Voter id laws are one example of ways that they try to prevent poor people, the elderly and minorities from voting. They also will not support other ways of getting disenfranchised people to the polls, unless they are republicans and have pledged to vote this way.

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