Indiana religion legislation: Do you think this type of law creates more potential for discrimination?

  • Of course it does!

    Uhhhhh,how could a law that;s prime focus is to make it legal for businesses to discriminate based on sexual orientation not create more potential for discrimination? I am not sure what else there is to say. Is it wrong, yes. Is it unconstitutional, yes. How could this law not be?

  • Governement needs to Leave Religion alone

    When the government gets their hands' involved in religion, we as people lose out. They begin to take our religious rights away. The government is trying to reunion religion and become the anti-Christ. We as Americans, and as Christians should stand up to this and now allow it to happen.

  • I think this law can leave a whole lot of interpretation.

    I know that the law makers want to say that this law won't cause same sex couples or gays to be discriminated against, but I think it does. Its sort of like SB 1070 in my state of Arizona that made it all right to racially profile someone if you wanted to. With this law a business could justify not serving our allowing a gay person in their establishment which is just wrong. Maybe some will say that's not what the law states. Yeah well SB 1070 doesn't come out and say go profile someone as an illegal but it goes on and the law does support such action from what I have seen. I think this one will be just a much of a hot bed of trouble for that state.

  • No, Separation of Church and State

    Our Founding Fathers always felt that the church and the state government should be kept separate. The United States was formed on the belief of freedom above all else, and this includes the right to follow the religion of one's own choosing. The government should not be involved in religious matters other than those that pose an imminent threat to the public's well being.

  • This does not cause more discrimination

    This does not cause more discrimination. When people have religious feelings about doing something, like serving at a gay wedding when they don't agree with gay marriage, they themselves would be forced to partake in religious activities they don't believe in. So, we should let people simply be who they are but also respect we should not be forced.

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