Indiana YMCA bans CNN after 'fake news' complaints. Are we in danger of entering a period of censorship?

  • Yes, there may be some danger or censorship

    Yes, there may be some danger or censorship, though not necessarily intended. It is very difficult sometimes to sort out the real news from the fake and organizations such as the YMCA who serve youth have a particularly important task of helping youth to find the real news. Perhaps more important than censoring the news is to teach kids (and adults) how to censor the news for themselves and determine the best sources for real news.

  • Yes. In fact, I think that ship has already sailed.

    It seems to me that the fact that we are discussing "fake news" to begin with does not bode well for the state of our information outlets. I believe we are regularly exposed to censorship of information, if not outright lies. Unfortunately, this is the nature of a constant flow of information. The receiver is completely free to decide the nature of the news coming to them. However, a private company should have the right to ban media if they wish. To deny the YMCA its right to ban CNN would be its own act of censorship, or even oppression.

  • All this fake news nonsense has to end.

    I cannot believe huge sections of the population do not understand the difference between a news source that employs journalists and websites that allow any random user to generate content. I am tired of all this ignorance. I am tired of giving ignorant people the power to change the way the world operates. CNN is not fake news. It may be biased, but then there is no news that isn't biased.

  • Some people like to shout.

    Today, people don't seem to respect the rights of other people to have free speech. They think if they are right, they have a right to shout everyone down for the good of society. People are even becoming violent in their efforts to quash free speech. This might lead to censorship as people want to stay safe.

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