• India has the potential, but doesn't use it

    One of the world's biggest GDPs, the 2nd biggest in terms of population, nuclear weapons, a mighty military muscle and advanced scientific researches. What could be possibly go wrong?


    The current geopolitical arena has already been setted: It's Europe and the US vs China and Russia. This game has no further room for aditional players and so India will never be THE superpower - if anything, it can allign itself with other superpowers and that's exactly what it is doing now: a strategical cooperation plan with the US shows that India wastes its potential by accepting the current world arena.

  • It is going ahead in its own pace

    India's Mars Mission is a huge success and it is quite obvious any progress made in the field of Space Science is remarkable. Apart from this, over the past few years, India has made significant contributions to other fields as well. Transportation and IT are two sectors that I have noticed to be developing faster than expected.
    India definitely is improving but it can have a better place provided the evils against humankind are washed away.

  • India is on the rise

    India is on the rise. This is because any time a country starts getting involved in space science on the scale of leaving earth, it means they developed advanced economic and scientific prowess. I would not be surprised to see India become more like the United States and Japan in terms of political systems.

  • Yes, India is definetly making considerable headway as a viable world leader.

    I'v found that countries like India don't generally roll off most of our tongues when considering world leaders. Interesting enough, this is where most of us assume wrong. Over the last 60 or so years India has shown itself as a country that is capable of playing a fundamental role in world affairs, as well as contribute to stable and peacfull global interactions.

  • I'd Say It Stagnated Some

    I think a few years ago India was really headed in the right direction but they've had some problems over the last few years. It is possible that they are turning around and getting on track again but I feel like it is a little earlier to be making that declaration at this time.

  • No, its place isn't on the rise

    I don't think India's place as a world leader is on the rise as there is still a vast amount of poverty in much of the country. Just because it has sent something to Mars, it doesn't mean it is rising up as a world leader. it won't do that until it sorts out its poverty problem

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