India's Richest man offers free 4G internet to billions of people. Should other wealthy people follow suit?

  • India's Richest man offers free 4G internet to billions of people. Wealthy people follow suit, only if...

    While the thought of India's Richest man offers free 4G internet to billions of people seems like a nice thought, other wealthy people follow suit, but only of their own volition. Under no circumstances should the governments of their respective homelands compel them to do so. There is no right to 4G service.

  • I think the world's wealthy should stand up and inspire acts of generosity.

    I think that the world's wealthiest people have the capability of making a large impact in the lives of many people. Whether it be donating funds for improvements or financially supporting services that will benefit those less fortunate, they are great ways for people with large funds to make a difference.

  • Yes, wealthy people should be generous.

    It is hard to make money. Most people that are very rich, worked very hard to make it to that point. In many cases, when someone gets very rich, they did not get there on their own. It is important for wealthy people to give back. When you get to a certain level there is only so much money that you can spend and I think when people get to that level they should start giving back to people.

  • Yes, the wealthy did not earn it alone

    While society may treasure the idea of the "self-made millionaire," the fact is that such a person does not exist. At all levels of society, individuals work for the betterment of others. Pretending that teachers, nurses, police officers, construction workers, and countless others did not create the situation and the infrastructure that allows for the wealthy to accumulate such means is simply not accurate.

  • Their money .

    It's nice all but in no way ''should'' wealthy people do these kind acts, they worked hard for their money and should do whatever the hell they want with it, I don't expect someone else to pay my bills jsut because they have allot of money, I don't expect them to spend billions of euro's jsut to satisfy the population, that's ridiculous.

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