India's richest man offers free internet to all citizens: Should internet be free to everyone?

  • Yes it should

    Internet is more than just a dial up or cable connection nowadays. It's more than a wifi or cellular signal over public airwaves. It's the future of everything we do or say or interact with. The future is now. Publicly offered internet, like your water or gas or power bill, a utility that should be available to all.

  • Yes, it should.

    If not free, than it should certianly be accessible. There should be programs to help people pay for Internet much like there are programs for water, gas, electic, and other utilities. Internet is a necessary utility, and people need access to it. Many schools require access to it for their students.

  • Yes, internet should be free to everyone.

    Yes, internet should be free to everyone because it allows so many people to discover new information at the press of a button. If the internet is not free, then those who can afford it will always get better jobs than those who cannot. We need to even the playing field by making it free.

  • Yes, it should be.

    Internet should be free to each and every citizen in a country. This is a form of communication and also leisure which can make citizens busy. Through the internet, the citizens are able to earn money through various online activities hence making it a good economy for the country, reduce unemployment and avoid idleness.

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