Indigenous population bans oil company: Should we outlaw oil companies?

  • Yes, we should outlaw oil companies.

    Yes, we should outlaw oil companies. While this may sound like a very dramatic measure to take, it is worth remembering that over 97% of published climate scientists believe human activity is responsible for the climate change crisis that threatens the lives of all humans. Energy should be derived from alternative sources.

  • You can't outlaw industry

    A population or landowner, or even a nation, is well within their rights to prohibit any entity from operating on their territory, but to outright ban an entire industry borders on absurd. Whether we like it not, the resource the oil companies provide is necessary for the current world. It falls to them to behave in a manner that allows them to continue to conduct business.

  • They do good work.

    The lives of countless people all over the world are better because of oil. Oil allows people to drive cars. This ability to drive cars allows people to travel for emergency services when they need it. This saves countless lives. Oil has made lives better in a way that people cannot comprehend.

  • No, we should not ban oil companies.

    Oil companies create value, create jobs and create opportunities for millions of people. These companies also meet our global energy needs. Therefore, we should not outlaw oil companies. We should embrace energy companies that are committed to developing reliably safe energy for consumers. Banning oil companies does not make sense.

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