Infant male circumcision: Does circumcision violate patient rights?

  • Circumcision is rarely medically necessary and should be considered cosmetic.

    Parents should not be allowed to alter parts of their children's bodies for ascetic purposes. Circumcision is very rarely a procedure that is performed based on medical need. Nor, for that matter, is it a procedure performed based on religious beliefs in most cases. It is and should be more widely considered a form of mutilation.

  • Yes it does

    I do think that infant male circumcision violates current patient rights. These baby boys cannot consent to having their foreskin removed, therefore making it a violation of their rights. I understand that a lot of times these are done for religious and traditional reasons. But those reasons are illogical and archaic sounding to me.

  • Yes, circumcision absolutely violates their rights.

    Circumcision is a surgical procedure that mutilates the body and is done without the permission of the patient because they are too young. The supposed health benefits to the patient are not equivalent to the risks and the loss of sensation. The main reason this is performed today is simply out of tradition, or for religious reasons and it makes no sense to do it so someone too young to consent and who hasn't even consented to being part of the religion.

  • No, it is a parental choice.

    No, circumcision does not violate patient rights, because when a child is an infant, their parents have a right to make a medical choice for them. This is true even if it is a procedure that is somewhat unpleasant. Infants get shots with parental consent, even though it hurts. So too, should a parent be able to opt for a circumcision of an infant.

  • Circumcision is an ancient rite

    It would be unfair to stop a safe, and time honored tradition in many cultures. As a circumcised male, I have to say I'm glad my parents decided to circumcise me at birth. They didn't have any cultural need to do it, but I'm glad it was done before I was old enough to remember the pain of it. It has made hygiene easy, and I even like the way it looks!

  • No, parents should make that choice.

    There are decisions that a parent needs to make regarding their child. Parents make the best decisions they can knowing what they know at the time. If Daddy want his sons bits and pieces cut the same as his, does it really make that big of a difference? It is less traumatic for a child to go through that surgery than an adult so infancy is the best time to have that done. Having the foreskin removed makes it easier to keep the penis clean. It is no worse than piercing the ears of a child.

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