Infant male circumcision: Is it acceptable that circumcision is painful for infants?

  • Circumcision is a positive procedure for infants

    Even though there may be pain for an infant when they receive their circumcision I still believe that it is a positive procedure. Due to the sanitary nature of that area, having the excess flesh stripped away allows for an easier time cleaning and a lessened likelihood of infection and bacteria.

  • Yes, infants must endure some painful processes.

    Although circumcision is up to the parents and the child's medical team, saying something is painful isn't a reason to not perform a medical procedure. This reasoning would keep parents from getting their child's immunization shots, as well. Unfortunately, many medical procedures are uncomfortable to undergo, but the pain is short-lived and temporary.

  • They don't even remember it!

    Too much information and oversharing time: I'm circumcised. And I don't remember anything about it. But I bet it was painful at the time. And that's the reason I think that circumcision is acceptable for infants. It happens when they're too young to remember it, but in return they get a lifetime of being able to keep their private parts cleaner and not gross looking.

  • Medical Procedures Are Painful

    Child birth is painful, but that's not an acceptable reason not to procreate, nor is it an excuse used to have a C-section. Circumcision has medical benefits and while it is a slightly painful medical practice, it is never remembered by the infant it is performed on. It is a far better alternative then waiting until adulthood.

  • Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    Circumcision is an antiquated notion thousands of years old. Male infants cry when their foreskin is cut off, even though the area has a numbing agent around it. Supposedly infants don't remember the experience because memories don't form until 18 months to 2 years old. However, the foreskin is there for a reason. It retracts when boys grow into puberty. As long as the area is kept clean in their younger years, the foreskin won't get infected. Mother Nature put that flap of skin there for a reason, so we don't need to cut it off whatsoever.

  • Circumcision Not that Painful for Infants

    In reality, infants don't feel a ton of pain during circumcision. It's a quick procedure and the pain only last for a few minutes. Most infants quickly recover and then think nothing of the circumcision again. Therefore, it shouldn't be said that this procedure is really all that painful for youngsters.

  • No, it's not acceptable.

    Not only do I believe that the pain in unacceptable, especially when the area could be numbed and isn't always, but I don't believe that it should be done at all and don't understand why a parent would want to put their child through it. I think parents who are doing it because it was the status quo should evaluate their reasons and parents doing it for their religion should realize it is cruel and has risks.

  • NO! Cutting healthy tissue from children of either sex is WRONG!

    People who are fortunate enough to have a normal, healthy, baby boy, with a perfect body, should be thankful for that! They should take him home and take care of his intact penis, just as they do the rest of his body; clean it as needed, and if the outside of it gets a rash, put some ointment on it, like you do with any other part of his diaper area.

    In infancy, the primary purpose is to protect the glans (head) of the penis and the meatus (urinary opening) from irritation and bacteria. Unless some misguided person attempts to force the foreskin back, it will do it's job and remain healthy and normal, so how can using knives and crushing clamps on it be anything but wrong?

    People all over the world raise healthy sons, without cutting off part of their penises and more and more Americans are doing so, too!

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