Infant male circumcision: Is male circumcision beneficial and/or ethically sound?

  • Anyone who says no has never had an UTI as an adult.

    Don't be such pussies about this issue. Who cares if it hurts the baby. They won't remember and it's for good reason. Infant UTI's can be deadly and cause kidney damage. Liberals are so selfish and stubborn its annoying. And as far as the ethical part... Should'nt we focus our debating efforts on something more worthy such as abortion? So our stance is this... When it comes to circumcision it should be the infants choice but when it comes to life it is the mothers choice, hypocrites!

  • Circumcision Is Fine

    I believe male circumcision is beneficially and ethically sound. I believe it promotes better hygiene and also reduces infections, not only for the male, but also for potential mates. I do not see any reason why circumcision would be viewed an unethically. It is a commonly followed practice that most westerners favor.

  • Yes, it is healthier.

    It may seem harsh when described, but an infant is made as comfortable as possible during this process and in the long run a circumcised penis is much easier to keep clean and much more hygienic than one that has not bee circumcised. It often has to be done later if not done then and that is worse for the male.

  • Male circumcision is beneficial and ethically sound.

    Male circumcision is beneficial and ethically sound. They have been circumcising males for generations and there is nothing wrong with this. It helps to prevent diseases later on in life and maintain clean and good health. I think that male circumcision should be done at birth to make sure that it is done.

  • It is a parents choice

    Yes, I believe if the child has no other issues surround his birth, then it is beneficial to have the minor surgery completed. When I male child is older, he may not understand that this extra flesh needs to cleaned and maintained. This may cause infection. It can also bolster the male self esteem of the child when he becomes older.

  • It is definitely not ethically sound!

    Circumcision is a euphemism for male genital mutilation, This mutilation violates the rights a male's right to bodily integrity. The United Nations (UN) acknowledges that bodily integrity is a human right that all humans are entitled to. Also, this mutilation can also qualify as cruel and unusual punishment under the United Nations' human rights treaty entitled Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Male genital mutilation is also not beneficial for the male. This is because the mutilation reduces the male's sexual sensitivity. The reduction can be 50%-80% loss in sexual sensitivity. Also, genital mutilation creates a scar around the penis that dries out the glans of the penis. This dryness creates more friction, while the foreskin reduces friction. The foreskin has nerve endings and most of the foreskin's nerve endings detect light touch. Genital mutilation eliminates most of the nerve endings that detect light touch. Then, genital mutilation also is not good protection HIV. This is because the foreskin contains a protein called langerin which is a natural barrier against HIV. This is why most countries that don't practice circumcision have lower rates of HIV than the countries that do practice circumcision. Also most westerners don't favor/practice circumcision. The United States has the highest rate of circumcision and the highest rate of HIV of any western country . All of the other western countries have a lot lower rates of circumcision and HIV.

  • Many studies that are new promote a natural penis

    Penises that are circumcised often report that they are wearing out the feeling on the shaft. Also looking at the glans, the top of the penis, it can wear out a bit. So be European, and have your penis be natural. Unless you are Jewish, then you can keep your tradition.

  • Foreskin There for a Reason

    The male foreskin is there for a reason. Mother Nature put it there to keep those parts warm and protected when humans didn't wear clothing. Circumcision is cruel and unusual because it hurts infants, despite the numbing agent applied. Circumcision isn't beneficial as long as men and boys keep that area clean and free of urine.

  • Infant Male Circumsion Unethical

    No, infant male circumcision is not ethical at all. An infant cannot make the choice as to whether or not he wishes to be circumcised, and to mutilate his genitals for religious or societal acceptance purposes is very wrong. In addition, there are not any known health benefits for performing the procedure.

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