Inge Lehmann's birthday: Are we doing enough to get women involved in science?

  • Stop trying to perpetrate the lie

    Currently, there is no bias if you are a women or man in when you enter the STEM careers, all we care about is your ability, women already have more scholarships, more support money then males to enter STEM, it is you that chooses not to enter engineering careers, stop blaming and just do it.

  • Women can do Anything the Choose

    In today's society, almost all barriers have been removed for women to enter science fields, or any other field they choose for that matter. If a girl is interested in science, there are plenty of avenues through which she can obtain the necessary qualifications and become the scientist that she dreams of becoming.

  • We are not doing enough to get women involved.

    We can always do more to get women involved in science. Almost everyone we know about in science history are male. Women are almost never taught about in science and girls see that. I believe it affects them and if they want to go into a science field, as they may see it as a mans world where women are not allowed.

  • US Needs Overhaul

    If we're talking strictly about the US I would say the overwhelming answer is no. But this could be said of boys as well. I think our curriculums are too far off the mark when it comes to teaching children and their classrooms are boring them. We need to overhaul the system.

  • A good start, but a long way to go

    Women in STEM careers are certainly making some new progress, but the field is so insular and so predominantly male that we have a long way to go before we fix the imbalance. The White House's focus on the problem is promising. What we really need to do is to stop socializing girls with toys that push them away from pursuing STEM careers.

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