• Tabula Rasa is Pure innocence

    John Lock said that when we start off life we are free from any biases and predispositions, I would have to agree. I think that innocence is not the state of being entailing sweetness of kindness, but rather is simply a deep state of unawareness concerning the things around you. Consciousness in my mind, is simply the Pure state of being 'blankly aware' of your surrounding, it doesn't entail thought or anything, it simply exists. It is from this thoughtless and thus knowledge-less state that the human mind arises from...In other words, total innocence

  • Ignorance isn't bliss

    I remember being able to read before my other peers and doing math earlier. I also remember never truly believing Danta, even though everyone including my parents said it was real. My parents taught me about hard work and how many do not have it easy. Did this make me an empty shell of a child, no. The idea that ignorance is bliss is false, they are innocent because they haven't experienced the world pushing them down and saying you can't do it, a child's mind is more hopeful, creative, and more likely to try things others would normally deem as stupid. I believe a child's innocence comes from their lack of caring about social hierarchies and preconceived notions adults have.

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