• At least $430 million

    $10 million for every year lost sounds about right to me... Even then, that's a low sum. This man was literally robbed of his life, time he will never get back... The court system literally ruined his existence, so the least those responsible could do would be to sacrifice all they have to benefit the man they wronged on a whim with no real evidence. The judge and the jury and the real criminals here.

  • Yes, he should.

    While nothing can really make up for all the time that he lost and the loss of the abilty to spend time with his family and friends, he should still be compensated in some way for the time that he spent in jail as an innocent man. He deserves something for his pain.

  • I think the innocent man jailed for 43 years should be compensated

    A person who is wrongly accused and jailed should be compensated. The justice system clearly failed a person if they are wrongly convicted of a crime. If they are imprisoned, they lose years of their life and should be compensated accordingly for such a injustice. I don't even want to think of the possibly innocent people who were wrongly executed.

  • Yes, the innocent man who was jailed for 43 years should be compensated.

    Yes, the innocent man who was jailed for 43 years should be compensated. What happened to the man who was jailed wrongfully for a murder that he did not commit was a terrible miscarriage of justice. The only way to make this right would be for the state to apologize and compensate him for this.

  • Yes, an innocent man who has been jailed for 43 years should be compensated.

    Yes, if an innocent man has been jailed for 43 years, he should be compensated. The man lost 43 years of his life due to failures in the American justice system. When these types of injustices happen because the justice system has failed to do it's due diligence, the government has a duty to fix it's wrongs.

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