• I love my snuggie.

    While I wish it wasn't made out of cotton, the Snuggie is a brilliant invention. I enjoy being able to grab a hold of and be able to sip my tea without having to take my blanket off. It really does make sitting on the couch even more comfortable than it is already. Props to the inventor of the Snuggie.

  • Definitely, I like to be warm but still move my arms

    Snuggies look completely ridiculous, but it really does serve its intended purpose - A blanket where you can still move your arms around. They're great for snuggling up on the couch with some snacks to watch a movie. You just don't want all your friends to come over and see you doing it.

  • It doesn't take much thought...

    Anyone could make their own "Snuggie", and it would cost less too. I admit it is useful at times, but really, how necessary is it? The idea is fairly bland and overrated. The material isn't all that comfortable and the company hardly tried to make it an actual quality product either way.

  • Rip off to robes

    All the snuggie is is a backwards robe... Just wear your robes backwards and BAM instant snuggie. It really just a really cheap robes that you put on backwards. Not really a brilliant invention if you ask me because your robe could double as a snuggie if you want it to.

  • No, it was just a fad.

    The Snuggie is a blanket with arm holes in it. While it was an interesting invention, and sometimes the most simple inventions are the best, I don't think it was brilliant by any means. One of the problems with a blanket with sleeves is that, immediately, a person is not trapping in heat. A blanket works by trapping one's body heat, and what you've really done is created a blanket with two holes in it to let the heat out. Someone can just take a large robe and put it on backwards to create the same type of results.

  • Snuggie just a reverse robe.

    The snuggie is nothing more than a reverse robe. It is almost as if someone combined a blanket along with a hospital robe. This is not a brilliant invention. Further, they are not fashionable. The commercials make it seems like only bored married couples in rich neighborhoods would own them.

  • All the Snuggie is. Is just a backwards robe.

    Really? This cheap blanket is a brilliant invention? What orifice are you talking out of if you believe that this is a good invention? All it is, is a low quality blanket with sleeves. Just wear a robe back to front!

    I didn't use enough words but now I have.

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