Insider Trading: Is a 9-year sentence enough for $270 million in illegal profits?

  • Yes the sentence should be judgement of the Court.

    If the Court determines that a 9-year sentence is within the Federal sentencing guild lines it should be the sole decision of the presiding judge what the sentence will be. Consider the forfeiture of the $270 million and a substantial fine will be a part of the judgement 9-years can be a reasonable sentence.

  • The sentence is long enough

    Nine years is long enough of a sentence for a crime that did not result in death of a person or in the sale of drugs. While extreme greed needs to be punished, nine years of a person's life is too much to be wasted on a "lesson." Perhaps one year of prison and five years of community service would have been better.

  • No, prison sentence should match amount of illegal profits

    No, a 9-year sentence is not enough for $270 million in illegal profits because of the extent of the damage done. Insider trading is an unethical and wrong practice that needs to come with a stiff penalty to help deter the practice. A 9-year sentence may cause other people to feel like they can get away with it and even if they are caught the time in prison isn’t a long-term sentence. Insider trading needs to be accompanied with a several jail sentence to reduce and eventually eliminate it from occurring.

  • 9 years is too short!

    Insider trading is sadly a big part of our economic down spiral. Imposing a 9 year sentence for any amount and especially $270 million is a travesty. Insider traders should see a minimum of 25yrs to life. It is theft plain and simple. Grand theft carries a larger sentence so why should be people be essentially slapped on the wrist for this crime.

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