Instant replay in baseball: Is instant replay consistent with the humanity of baseball?

  • Yes. Yes it is

    Umpires these days are not good. They cant see anything. I feel if there was instant replay in baseball, there would be less controversy, less managers and players would get ejected, and fans, players, and coaches cant blame the umpires when they lose. However, (this is somewhat irrelevant) but if official review is put into baseball, the coaches shouldn't get to challenge plays, like in football

  • Yes it is.

    Instant replay in baseball is consistent with the humanity of baseball. Humans are prone to make mistakes, and baseball games can be won or lost on a simple mistake. Instant replay will ensure that the correct team wins the baseball game. Instant replay will only help the humanity of baseball, not hurt it.

  • The Naked Eye Cannot See Everything

    Humans make mistakes. Cameras don't. Instant replay is in every other sport, why should baseball be left out? I'm sure there have been some very close calls that were misjudged due to human error. We can avoid that by approving of instant replays. Hockey and football have them, why should baseball be left out?

  • No it isn't.

    Instant replay disrupts the flow of the game. Why do we need it? Umpires are good, anyways. It has long been a great part of baseball that what the ump says goes, almost no replays/overturned calls, no flags to bring the play back. What you're seeing is what happens. Umps aren't messing all these calls up, so why fix what isn't broken?

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