Instant Replay in FIFA World Cup: Should instant replay call reviews be implemented in the FIFA World Cup?

  • Instant replay for goals is a must at least

    The world cup had a few goals disallowed because of offsides that were clearly not offside. Instant replay would clear that portion of the game up.

    Another part of instant replays would be for tripping that causes penalty shots, a classic one is the one of the Netherlands player Arjen Robbins tripping over his own feet against Mexico, the trip allowed Netherlands to kick a winning goal. That game should never had ended like that. Caused by an unfair call that clearly would have been overturned fairly by instant replay. Just watch the slow mo and you will see.

  • Fairness at last

    Dodgy calls should not be an issue in football. Referees are human and make mistakes. But video footage? Cameras? They can't lie, they only show what is in front of them. With the help of video replay there will no longer be botched calls in football and games can go on fairly.

  • Yes, Instant Replay should be impleneted in the FIFA World Cup

    I believe that when it comes to such an even as the "World Cup" when the level of talent is so high and the margin between winning and loosing can vary by inches of play, instant replay would be a great tool to help ensure fair play and judgment by all players and referees.

  • Let's Look At That Replay!

    Heck yeah I'm for this! I don't see a single thing wrong with reviewing the slow-mo video that you're already going to see a gazillion times. They take every other precautionary step to make sure the competition is fair, why not just double check that hardcore slowed down video clip for foul play?

  • Reviewing play by play in soccer would just completely defy the DNA of soccer

    Yes. Everyone on the other side of this argument, I totally understand that some plays are called incorrectly and unfairly and whatnot, from the youth level to the international level. But the problem with reviewing replays is that it totally interrupts the "flow of game" philsophy. A philosophy that makes this wonderful game of football different from other sports. In addition, I say all the drama from a biased referee just makes this game all the better! Remember Germany vs England game in the 1970s and the ball hit the crossbar and bounced down and back out of the goal and the goal was counted? How about in 2010 when the same thing happened to England in the Germany vs England game and the goal did not count? These kinds of ontroversies just help to promote the development of enemies and rivals within the sport.
    Yes all this talk about fair play and whatnot is a great idea,at best, but nothing more than just a naive theory that totally hinders the beauty, drama, and DNA of the sport.

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