Instead of autographs, Jonah Hill gives out business cards to his fan that say: I just met Jonah Hill. Was this a total letdown?

  • Yes, this is a sad attempt at humor.

    I think Jonas Hill is a funny guy. I mean, I really like his movies. However, this is a cad move that leaves fans in the dust and makes it seem like he is totally out of touch. I think he needs to get new business cards with at least his signature.

  • No, celebrities are not obligated to give out autographs.

    No, I don't think this is a let down. Jonah Hill, and every celebrity, for that matter, has a right to connect with his fans however he likes. If he chooses to hand out business cards instead of autographs, so be it. It's his own thing. In reality, a photo means so much more than a signature or a card, anyways.

  • No, this is not a letdown.

    Jonah Hill has a cool idea of handing out business cards that read, "I just met Jonah Hill." This is a clever and funny idea - it also shows that Jonah Hill wants to do something cool for his fans. Its easy for him to hand these business cards out to fans.

  • Jonah Hill by this move give there fan importance

    Jonah Hill try to give there fan an importance and let them know that he love them and he need to always be in communication with them plus Jonah Hill know that there are no stars without fans and audience finally if you need to keep up you need to let your fans happy

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