Insurance company offers girl $8 mileage to the hospital rather than $50 thousand for eye injury: Are insurance companies too greedy?

  • Yes, insurance companies should compensate the girl for her injury

    Insurance companies receive premiums in exchange for paying for medical services and procedures. They failed to do so in this instance. Assuming the girl and her family followed the rules laid out in their benefits, it was a bread of contract by the insurance company to fail to pay for the eye injury.

  • Insurance companies are greedy and need to be more humane.

    I companies employ specialists to keep them from having to pay anything more than what the claimant will accept, and justify this by claiming to protect the assets of the company, investors and policyholders. They often get a bad rap for denying claims that they are not required to pay, but in this case, they must bear some culpability if they made an offer at all, since they would have denied the claim outright if they were justified. It is considered unethical and an unfair business practice within the industry to make unfair proposals such as this and they should be penalized if the facts warrant it.

  • Of course they are.

    I don't understand how an insurance company can get away with paying for the mileage to the hospital instead of the surgery. I never thought that insurance companies had souls but this is beyond ridiculous. It's a girl's eye we are talking about here, not a nose job. Something needs to change when it comes to healthcare in America.

  • Insurance companies are businesses

    The difference between greed and a company that properly makes decisions based on profit-margins is often a matter of perspective. If insurance companies are greedy, so too are most corporations operating in the world, and the entire modern capitalist economic system rests on the foundation of greed. Alternately, profit is an admirable pursuit, and occasionally that pursuit ends up with results that make for great headlines about little girls being fleeced by corporations.

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